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Hyūmanoido Clan | Humanoid | Sunagakure

on 7/14/2018, 4:11 pm
Clan Name: Hyūmanoido Clan
-Bloodline Description: Humanoid Scorpion
Hyūmanoido's abilities are primarily physical, derived from the parts of their anatomy that they share with their totem species the scorpion (such as using their arthropod legs to clamber quickly across rough surfaces that many other species with humanoid feet might find troublesome).

Naturally, the arthropod part of the Hyūmanoido's body is protected by an exoskeleton, like an ordinary scorpion. Yet, the strength of this external carapace is actually much stronger than that of a small scorpion's personal armor: it is perhaps closer in strength to iron.

Aside from this, the Hyūmanoido' possesses a powerful tail, (which is typically as long as their bodies) which can not only be used to swipe at foes (or perhaps bind them), but also to stab foes with a razor sharp barb. If the sharpness of the sting doesn't kill them, it can at least do great damage, while the Hyūmanoido''s poison seeps in and finishes job.

Furthermore, Hyūmanoido' are often able to communicate with/command related animals; this may lend to only scorpions, or all arachnids, or even all arthropods in general.

Village: Sunagakure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary N/A
-Secondary N/A

Clan Characteristics:
The Hyūmanoido Clan is commonly very much like a Centaur in nature, in the sense that its body type is a human(oid) from the waist up, and from the waist down its body is that of a beast. As the name implies the creature is merely a humanoid scorpion, or even just a humanoid (often monstrous), with scorpion characteristics (such as an exoskeleton carapace on the skin, pincers or a tail terminating in a stinger). Their skin color typically ranges among the tans to browns, similar to a person of Kumogakure descent. Their hair may, likewise, be straight, wavy or woolly, but it tends to be darker colors--brown or black. Eye color ranges all across the color spectrum, and presence of pointed ears varies.

Scorpion Men are strong-willed and opinionated; they can be argumentative and combative to the point of warlike. They are highly dutiful to the purpose under which they were reared (such causes as devotion to their faith and family), making them fierce and unrelenting patriots.

Poison Harbors
A rather nifty poison produced in the bodies of the Hyūmanoido. This poison has been known to cause anyone who inject, or make contact with it to be confused and lose sense of everyday functions such as coordination, understand, balance, breathing, and digesting by disrupting the brain's nervous system. This poison is a reddish gray color that's that can only be produced through the tip of the Hyūmanoido's poison barb.
Post 0 / The poison is somehow injected and begins to make its way towards the bloodstream to be carried to the brain to create its intended effect.
Post 1 / The poison finally takes place and begins to make one lose control their sense of understanding such as the way things work and communicating with others. They become dummified to the point that the easiest math problem become like calculus and the most simple words are seem German. The do however still have their battle skills at it's full potential. Understanding why, and how to do things is the problem.
Post 2 / This point the effect ones coordination if effected along with understanding. Now doing two things at once becomes rocket science and if one was to do to things they would surely fail at one. This effect the small thing such as running and trying to perform handsigns for a jutsu. A failure waiting to happen.
Post 3 / The opponent becomes effected and the final sense that is effect is the sense of balance. The effect person become wobbly. Though they try to stand correctly the infection of their cerebellum doesn't allow the correct signals to be sent to the legs. This effects every from crawling to running.
Post 4 / Poison wears off.
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