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Uzumaki Clan | Chakra Chains | Scattered

on 7/14/2018, 10:51 pm
Clan Name: Uzumaki Clan
-Bloodline Description: Chakra Chains
In the Uzumaki clan, there is a rare bloodline ability that bestows the gifted Uzumaki with a special kind of chakra. This chakra allows the clansmen to produce special chains of chakra that serve numerous purposes as they can be used in both the physical and metaphysical world. It is said that this special chakra is actually a advanced form of yin-yang manipulation which describes how their chakra chains can bind a individuals physical body as well as their soul.

Chakra chains have very special abilities which are highly idolized in the Uzumaki Clan. They are created from the users special chakra and are emitted from the user's body, but more specifically their hands. When using their chakra chain the users hands glow with chakra which takes the form of a beautiful blue spectral flame. Chains will be released from the users palms where they serve the users purpose from then on. Chakra chains are long blue cords which glow in a exquisite heavenly light, making them appear angelic. They vary in size depending on the technique and serve numerous purposes.

One of the more general abilities of the chakra chains include being able to bind things physically. Using the physical version of the chain, the user is able to release chains from their palms which serves equal use as a unbreakable wire. Depending on the specific technique, the user can call forth numerous chains from their chakra to bind their target(s) or technically anything they wish. Depending on the user, chakra chains are very precise and can be executed fairly quickly to even bind fast moving objects. Some have been capable of using their chakra wires to grapple an entire shower of kunai each individually, and hurling them back at their user. More power user of the chakra chains are able to call forth colossal chains of chakra to bind massive beings such as summons or even tailed beasts.

The final and most powerful ability of the chakra chains is their ability to summon fuuinjutus seals upon contact with a surface. By the user using their extensive knowledge of seals, they will visualize a seals markings and migrate that image to their chakra chain. The chakra chain being a spectacular type of chakra, transmute the seals ability within itself and replicates it when it touches a object, placing the seal on its surface. The ability to call upon any divine circle and use its markings to iniate incredible fuuinjutsu techniques is why this ability is rare amongst the clan. While regular fuuinjutsu users would have to draw their seal which would take moments in battle, the Uzumaki can call forth seals instantly which would take days to create, and utilize its power on command.

Village: Scattered
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary Wind
-Secondary (Choice)

Clan Characteristics:
Fuuinjutsu Specialists
The Uzumaki clan are well renowned for their mastery of the art of Fuinjutsu. For centuries the clan has worked with sealing techniques intensively, so much that they have become highly feared throughout the villages for their untold knowledge. They have learned to draw, manipulate, sense, and transmute seals of all levels no matter how intricate or ancient the seals may be. Their power stands testament to their abilities as even to this day, since clan members are highly demanded for their knowledge of seals by their villages. Common supplementary abilities of the clansmen are being capable of identify nearly any seal in existence by simply glancing its markings. They can also draw seals fairly quickly, although that talent is slowly diminishing as more of their members inherit their unique kekkei genkai which allows them to place seals with their chakra chains. Members of this clan MUST take Fuinjutsu as their first specialty.

History: TBA
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