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Ensho Clan | Scorch Release | Sunagakure

on 7/14/2018, 12:43 am
Clan Name: Ensho Clan
-Bloodline Description: Scorch Release
Scorch Release or (灼遁, Shakuton) is an advanced chakra nature created with the simultaneous blending of the Fuuton (Wind Release) and Katon (Fire Release) elements. It combines the natural heat from Katon with the violent and versatile medium of Fuuton to create Shakuton. By controlling winds and air temperature with their chakra users of this advanced element can use it for a number of different situations. This nature can create chakra that is capable of heating up a target to the point where all the liquid inside their body evaporates, make flat buoyant objects fly with thermal energy, thermal mapping sense of objects with heat, fatiguing and dehydrating fuuton-based technique's or intensive oxygen-devouring katon-based technique's. Depending on the levels of each basic element users can control the level and use of the heat in their technique's. Though, it cannot reach the same raw temperature level of Yōton (Lava Release) it mainly focuses on the use of moisture absorption. This is how Shakuton can bypass Katon's natural weakness of Suiton by evaporating incoming attacks. The appearance of Shakuton is usually a light red color, but, depending on the levels of heat each technique has a different hue. Shakuton is devastating towards any organic life as it can completely destroy it creating barren lifeless area with great ease. It is said that the hotter the day the more powerful a Shakuton user will be due to their connection with the sun.

Village: Sunagakure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary Fuuton
-Secondary Katon
-Tertiary Shakuton

Clan Characteristics:
Nature Affinity:
Ensho clan members who possess the Shakuton Kekkei Genkai can only possess Fuuton (Wind Release) and Katon (Fire Release) basic elemental affinities.

Chakra Photosynthesis:
Ensho clan members who possess the Shakuton Kekkei Genkai have a special type of chakra which has unique properties. Due to their distinct connection with the sun and solar energy as a whole their chakra has creatively adapted over decades to form a distinctive ability. Much like how plant-life use the chemical process of photosynthesis that converts carbon dioxide and organic compounds using energy from sunlight for food, Ensho clan members chakra uses the same system. Using the energy from sunlight it is able to replenish its own chakra reserves slowly over a long period like a 'Regen' ability, a form of self-feeding. Thus, members have a constant replenishment of chakra when in sunlight. There chakra pool increases 1CP every post that occurs in a thread. For example, if there are 10 posts in a thread in total then their chakra reserves would increase by 10CP. However, this cannot increase their total chakra reserve it only replenishes in-between the realms of their existing pool. Though stronger members of the clan cannot increase the amount of chakra they receive (its set at 1CP) they can develop this ability. Also, due to the cells excreting the produced chakra and allowing a constant flow of chakra for the user it makes their bodies immune to negative effects from sunlight such as skin cancer and sunburn. It also allows for a resistance to physical exposure to heat, thus, giving a mild resistance to fire (katon attacks). The level of resistance is outlined below;

E-Rank: Complete immunity.
D-Rank: Little to no effect or damage.
C-Rank: Damage and effect is reduced by a half (1/2).
B-Rank: Damage and effect is reduced by a third (1/3).

The Ensho Clan is a long-standing and highly respected clan which has dwelled within Konohagakure for many decades. There in influence in the areas of ideology, politic's and especially their natural talent for producing highly talented ninja whether they possess the famed Kekkei Genkai is of the highest level. There total contribution and devotion to Konoha is why they have a sort of noble status within the village and are respected by both ninja and citizens alike. Many Ensho clan members have served in influential positions within Konoha including such things as the Hokage and the Konoha Shinobi Council. This is where the talent for politics has proved to be significant in important decisions that have shaped Konoha. Also, it is widely know that they are devoted to the ideology of the "Will of Fire" something which is centered around the village and is a core and rooted belief, especially within the ninja ranks. Started by the Senju clan, both the Senju and Ensho are the key leaders and this has shown throughout history. The sun is the symbol of the Ensho clan as they have a large connection towards it especially bloodline users. It is depicted as a yellow circle with a thick red-coloured rim. This symbol is worn on all of the clothing of Ensho clan members.

The main branch of the clan is where the Shakuton bloodline ability lies, but there are many other branches of families that can be traced to the clan that reside within the village. One of these families is the Sarutobi family which have long been a dominant and instrumental figure throughout Konohagakure's history. The clan itself could be seen as quite wealthy. Naturally, with the figure and standing they have their growth and power, both economically and figuratively, has increased. Though their clan size would be considered small as it is smaller than that of the Hyuuga, Yamanaka, Nara etc, this is mainly due to the bloodline only residing in the core branch of the clan. However, many others who do not possess the famed bloodline still possess the Ensho traits such as the natural elemental affinity towards the Katon and Fuuton elements. Much like the Uchiha, they are considered to be well versed in the use of Katon techniques as well as Fuuton. The clan grounds themselves are very beautiful and are of a timeworn architecture with old brick. The clan headquarters resides in South Konoha with the rest of the clans deeper in, further away from the village gates. Although based in Konohagakure, a rather large group have branched out and now live on the boarder between the Fire and Wind Countries. Living in an adaptive life on the desert they are fully immersed and subject to the sun. They are considered a more radical group within the land of Wind.
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