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Yotsuki Clan | Jiton Release | Sunagakure

on 7/14/2018, 3:41 am
Clan Name: Yotsuki Clan
-Bloodline Description: Jiton Release
The style of Magnet Release possessed by the Yotsuki Clan originally scattered across the land. Before the Hidden Village Era, they made their home in the Valley of Clouds and Lightning for generations. The mountainous region was subject to powerful magnetic fields, and over time their chakra adapted to those magnetic fields and eventually developed into a new kekkei genkai.

Yotsuki Style Magnet Release differs from Sand Style in several important ways due to the fact that it simulates magnetic force more accurately. For one, the Yotsuki can only control ferromagnetic metals, although they do not need to attune to those metals through extensive training. Secondly, they can use their magnetic chakra fields to generate real non-chakra based electrical currents through the principle of electromagnetic induction.

Armed with steel or iron, they wield weapons with their chakra instead of their body in unorthodox fighting styles. They can swing more swords than they have hands, throw shuriken that spin several times faster, toss spears so hard and fast they shatter concrete walls and shoot arrows that can change trajectory without losing any of their momentum. Some of their number have even been known to wear entire sets of heavy plate armor and animate it with magnetic force.

The Yotsuki often aren’t blatant in the display of their skills and most of their enemies don’t truly realize that they possess Magnet Release at all, especially when compared with the Sand Style Magnet Release. In fact, they are better known for their supposed affinity with Lightning Release as they take advantage of the electromagnetic nature of their jutsu style to manipulate true lightning.

Village: Sunagakure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary Raiton
-Secondary Doton
-Tertiary Jiton Release

Clan Characteristics:
Weapons Specialist
The Yotsuki are a clan of weapon specialists, magnetizing their weapons to accomplish unmatchable feats. Every clan member spends their life mastering a single weapon, much like the samurai and their swords, but are familiar with any weapon well enough to adapt to any situation. Member of this clan MUST take a spec of Bukijutsu or Kenjutsu along with Ninjutsu.

History: TBA
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