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 Special Characteristic Rules/Template

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PostSubject: Special Characteristic Rules/Template   10/8/2017, 1:55 pm

Special Characteristic Rules

- Although Special Characteristics aren't specifically clear on what makes them a certain, a Moderator or Administrator will deny your custom SC if they deem it to powerful for your character, or too powerful in general, so don't think you can make whatever you want.

- Provide an explanation. Don't just write 'So-and-So is very fast'. Give reasoning to make the SC believable.

- Train for them. Once your characteristics have been approved, they will have to be 'trained'. We understand it's hard to 'train' certain things, but a topic in which your character 'discovers' this trait will be accepted.

- The training, like jutsus, has a minimum word count, depending on the rank of the Special Characteristic. After you complete the training, simply inform an Administrator or Moderator, who will proceed to check over it, before adding it to your approved character's page. The minimum for each specific rank is as follows:
D Rank: 300 Words minimum
C Rank: 500 Words minimum
B Rank: 750 Words minimum
A Rank: 1000 Words minimum
S Rank: 1200 Words minimum

- You may not exceed the maximum amount of Special Characteristics specified by your rank. The limits are as follows:
C Rank Shinobi (Genin) - 2
B Rank Shinobi (Chûnin) - 3
A Rank Shinobi (Jônin) - 4
S Rank Shinobi (Kage) - 5

- Now, when you first create your character, you may start with a set number of Special Characteristics that do not have to be trained; they can be any rank equal to or below the rank of the Shinobi you are creating, and if they are custom, they must be in the correct template. The initial starting limits are as follows:

C Rank Shinobi (Genin) - 1
B Rank Shinobi (Chûnin) - 2
A Rank Shinobi (Jônin) - 3
S Rank Shinobi (Kage) - 4

- Now, although in the rule above the limits are stated, there are ways to possess more SCs, however the characteristics you have over the limit must follow certain criteria:
1. They must all be E - D ranked
2. They cannot improve or expand upon other Special Characteristics
3. They cannot dramatically affect battle in anyway.
A Moderator or Administrator will decide weather or not the SC is actually a E - D rank.

- Be careful with God-Mod enforcing Special Characteristics. This means things like 'physical allure', or 'great beauty' can be possessed, BUT you have to be very strict in there usage; you can't say 'because he was a man, he was distracted by her beauty'. That is the owner of the characters choice, but similar to not always dodging and getting hit, don't just say 'he cared nothing for beauty'.

Special Characteristic Template
For use on custom SCs

Name: self explanatory
Rank: Level of the SC
Type: What area does the SC affect? Chakra, Mental or Physical?
Training: How many words does it take to learn this SC
Description: Describe what the characteristic is, why you have it, how it works, what it does, etc. Remember that some may have downsides, especially the more powerful ones. We will judge which ones are Over Powered, and also, a 13 year old genin isn't going to be say, twice as fast, as the ordinary Shinobi. Keep it real.
Requirements: Self explained


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Special Characteristic Rules/Template
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