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Re: Special Characteristic Rules/Template

on 7/14/2018, 11:09 pm
Special Characteristics:

Whilst every Shinobi goes through the same regimen of intense training as they endeavor to become the militaristic force for their village, each of the said Shinobi has many unique things that they possess to enhance or detriment their own skill set as they work to serve the village. Some of these aforementioned individual traits might be brought on as a bout of genetics, while others might have been gained through further training from one's elders elders or as a direct result of various other variables. Whatever their origin, each of these abilities give a varied and useful flavor to each Shinobi and as such are known as "Special Characteristics", all of them being valuable traits which separate one Shinobi from another in terms of skills or abilities. They can vary heavily from each individual and their subsequent talents, where some may be physically stronger, others may have a tremendous chakra supply, and others still might have been reputed to be the fastest of all Shinobi.  With that being said, there are many types of special characteristics and it is important to discover which ones suit your character the best as the number that you can possess is limited, and even further certain characteristics require you to specialize and train in a certain field before you can be eligible to obtain them.

There are two overall categories for Special Characteristics to group the six specialization areas that will be explained below. The first group and by far the largest, is Combat Oriented Special Characteristics, which entails Physical Based Characteristics, Mental Based Characteristics, Skill Based Characteristics, Chakra Based Characteristics. Sub specializations located within the Combat Oriented Category can as the name implies be used in combat oriented scenarios. The Second Category is Social Based SC, which although it only contains one sub section, details characteristics that can only be used in social oriented scenarios as the name implies and have little to no impact on combat situations beyond effecting the social and or mental environment of your character. Affliction Based Special Characteristics may fall under both of the larger categories depending on the specific ramifications of the affliction.

Physical Based Characteristics:
This category of Special Characteristics is centered mainly around traits relating to the physical body of the ninja. Many of these involve heightening the  natural abilities of the body to a incredible degree through vigorous training and skill. A large degree of them are most beneficent to ninja who specialize in close quarters combat as it augments many of their techniques and fighting ability. As such, those who specialize in the art of Taijutsu or Weaponry will oft take a number of these characteristics as it allows them  to acquire such key skills. Some characteristics that fall under this category include increase Speed, Strength, Evasion, or even One-Handed Seals. The training regimen for physical based special characteristics include spending long hours training your muscles from weights, sparring, or whatever creative methods relative to your training.

Chakra Based Characteristics:
This category of Special Characteristics is centered around the different possible aspects of a ninja's chakra. While it is not the largest category, nor the most varied it still holds various aspects that can be key to your character's development. Chakra based special characteristics are focused on transcending one's unique chakra abilities or type to a more powerful level, allowing them to increase their chakra levels to rival that of a Jinchūriki  or even at the higher levels of this category, create their own elemental combination. Some characteristics that fall under this category include characteristics that allow a character to increase their natural Chakra Capacity, gain the ability to Sense Chakra or even allowing yourself to train an additional element and access a second kekkei genkai for more powerful ninja. The training regimen for chakra based special characteristics vary depending on what you're trying to train, but most of which require deep meditation, training in a specific element or area, or whatever methods you can create.

Mental Based Characteristics:

This category of  Special Characteristics centers around amplifying the power of a ninja's mind. They focus around improving a ninja's mental capacity and skill to a exceptional degree through innate skill and mental training. Unlike some of the other forms of special characteristics, these do not require certain specializations but they do require a ninja to possess a patient and steady mind. The brain is a very powerful tool and those who peruse characteristics in this category may have access to parts of their mind people would think impossible. Some characteristics that fall under this category include Tracking Abilities  and Perception Increases. The training regiment for mental based special characteristics include spending long hours in mediation, training the mind through various games, or whatever creative methods you can think that trains the mind.

Skill Based Characteristics:
This category of Special Characteristics centers around dictating advancements in regards to the varied specialties that a Shinobi can obtain. SCs within this section will often allow for a Ninja to gain extra abilities in relation to their specific skill areas that are seen as a measure of their capability or mastery in said areas. Whilst many of these will revolve around the seven specialty categories that are allotted for a user to utilize, but some might dictate their skill with even more specified attributes such as their clan abilities or their familiarity with summons. Special Characteristics that can be found in this category are things such as, Ninjutsu Mastery, Genjutsu Mastery, Medical Chief and Clan Prodigy. Because of the skill capacity that many of these SCs imply, a large majority of them are limited to higher ranking Shinobi.

Social Based Characteristics:
The Social Based Special Characteristics category is centered around allowing a Shinobi to better elaborate on non-combat aspects of their character and as such these SCs allow for a ninja to have a dynamic personality in how they may react in a social environment. This can add certain elements of conversation and activity between different kinds of people. Social SCs are allotted fewer slots than Combat SCs, though users may possess more than the allotted slots of Social SCs if they are willing to sacrifice a Combat SC slot for it. Special Characteristics that fall under this category are things like Chakra Aura, Animal Speaking or Street Smarts. Whilst they have absolutely no impact on a character's combative ability, they can add a fair bit of flavor to the social interactions between characters.

Affliction Based Characteristics:
Afflictions Based Characteristics can be seen as both a part of and completely opposite to Special Characteristics in some regards. As the name implies they act as negative aspects or attributes in regards to a character and act only to apply harmful effects to your characters. As one might imagine, they will provide no benefit to your character, or at least none that outweigh the severely detrimental effects. Afflictions are a disease, and illness, anything one can think of, with negative effects on one's health. Perhaps one gets memories from a clone that are too real, and are stricken with the memory of their own death. Perhaps they suffer some terminal disease, and will not live past 30. Maybe they're just color blind or even completely blind. Whatever the case, one can only reasonably have a certain number of afflictions before being unfit for a shinobi career. Exceptions will be dealt with on a case by case basis. Users will also not be allowed to start with an affliction of a higher rank than their character, unless granted Admin approval.

There are currently only a few Open Afflictions, and as such users are encouraged to create one if the so desire. However, users are not by any measure required to have an Affliction Based Characteristic. They are entirely optional, and as such, it is left to the user to design their own unique debilitating weakness to inflict on their character.
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Re: Special Characteristic Rules/Template

on 7/21/2018, 10:22 pm
Special Characteristic Rules

- Although Special Characteristics aren't specifically clear on what makes them a certain, a Moderator or Administrator will deny your custom SC if they deem it to powerful for your character, or too powerful in general, so don't think you can make whatever you want.

- Provide an explanation. Don't just write 'So-and-So is very fast'. Give reasoning to make the SC believable.

- Train for them. Once your characteristics have been approved, they will have to be 'trained'. We understand it's hard to 'train' certain things, but a topic in which your character 'discovers' this trait will be accepted.

- The training, like jutsus, has a minimum word count, depending on the rank of the Special Characteristic. After you complete the training, simply inform an Administrator or Moderator, who will proceed to check over it, before adding it to your approved character's page. The minimum for each specific rank is as follows:
D Rank: 400 Words minimum
C Rank: 600 Words minimum
B Rank: 900 Words minimum
A Rank: 1200 Words minimum
S Rank: 1500 Words minimum

- You may not exceed the maximum amount of Special Characteristics specified by your rank. The limits are as follows:
C Rank Shinobi (Genin) - 1
B Rank Shinobi (Chûnin) - 2
A Rank Shinobi (Jônin) - 3
S Rank Shinobi (Kage) - 4

- Now, when you first create your character, you may start with a set number of Special Characteristics that do not have to be trained; they can be any rank equal to or below the rank of the Shinobi you are creating, and if they are custom, they must be in the correct template. The initial starting limits are as follows:

C Rank Shinobi (Genin) - 1
B Rank Shinobi (Chûnin) - 1
A Rank Shinobi (Jônin) - 2
S Rank Shinobi (Kage) - 3

- Now, although in the rule above the limits are stated, there are ways to possess more SCs, however the characteristics you have over the limit must follow certain criteria:
1. They must all be E - D ranked
2. They cannot improve or expand upon other Special Characteristics
3. They cannot dramatically affect battle in anyway.
A Moderator or Administrator will decide weather or not the SC is actually a E - D rank.

- Be careful with God-Mod enforcing Special Characteristics. This means things like 'physical allure', or 'great beauty' can be possessed, BUT you have to be very strict in there usage; you can't say 'because he was a man, he was distracted by her beauty'. That is the owner of the characters choice, but similar to not always dodging and getting hit, don't just say 'he cared nothing for beauty'.


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