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Tokeizara Clan | Glass Release | Sunagakure

on 7/13/2018, 10:09 pm
Clan Name: Tokeizara Clan
-Bloodline Description: Gaton (Glass Release)
Glass is the element that has been developed by the Tokeizara clan members after many years of training. As most advanced elements, Gaton is the fusion of two elements of the shinobi world. One of the two is Doton, earth release, while the second is not specific and is always different among the Tokeizara clan members. The properties of the glass developed by Gaton are similar to those of conventional glass, but enhanced. Depending on the preferences and the circumstances the glass can be created through air particles and minerals, the ground, the user's body, or water. Most clan members have the ability to instantly create glass out of air particles by forming the required hand seals and molding their chakra. The elite are of course able to create and manipulate glass in a more potent and quicker fashion, but every member holds the ability to create and manipulate their own glass. The amount or form of glass does not depend on the user's skill, but simply the technique used. From rough and rugged to thin and glossy the glass can be given any form and shape.      

This special glass is usually transparent and not colored or stained, but the clan member can always alter its appearance. The glass is infused with chakra in order to be manipulated. Thus, the glass can become extremely sharp and hard. Unlike regular glass, the Tokeizara glass won't simply break or crack by weak hits, thrusts, heat, or sound waves. The properties of gaton are able to withstand high temperatures and various kinds of forces. Among usual weaknesses like penetrative attacks that focus on a small area of impact, lightning can turn into the best card against gaton. Due to elemental strengths and weaknesses, glass is weaker than lightning, as lightning is stronger than earth, the base of glass. Although raiton based techniques are normally able to destroy gaton based techniques, specially enhanced glass will manage to withstand or even neutralize lightning. That could happen by adding more layers of glass or infusing the glass with fuuton chakra, that will be enough to neutralize the impact of single attacks.

The creation and manipulation of gaton, glass release, can allow the user to follow three steps. As a first step, creating and forging the glass is needed to utilize the element itself, and hardening, turning the glass sharp, giving it specific form and shape, or even controlling the glass's movements is the second step of every technique. The second step is the part when the gaton user manipulates the glass through hand movement or hand seals. The limits and restrictions of this step are set depending on the clan member's experience or the technique's difficulty. Finally, there is a third step that enables the user to maintain the properties of the glass and keep it as it is, or destroy it themselves by forming a single snake hand sign. This step will force the selected glass to shatter, breaking into pieces and shards that can easily harm the enemy or provide a decent distraction. This can only be done by conducting a chakra pulse that is able to shatter the glass, but the user doesn't need to be in contact with the said glass body. Other shinobi, that don't belong to the clan, can only do this by destroying the glass with physical force, even the ones skilled enough to understand the way chakra flow shattered it. There are also specific techniques that focus on this third step, developed by the clan members.

Village: Sunagakure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary Doton
-Secondary Katon, or Futon
-Tertiary Gaton

Clan Characteristics:
The Source and the Way: Every member of the Tokeizara clan has a natural tendency to interact with earth, soil, sand, glass. Most members raised by Tokeizara people will be taught the fine arts, in an attempt to become more potent when creating and manipulating glass. Each and every Tokeizara is a user of the earth element and this is a requirement to train the advanced element that has been developed by the clan members. In order to be able to utilize the glass release, ninjutsu is also required, as ninjutsu techniques are the basis of the clan's arsenal and ways. The Tokeizara are people living in the shinobi world and use their Ninjutsu abilities to defend against any enemy that poses a threat. They hold a strong sense of respect towards their superiors and manners are of high importance.  

The Surface: The Tokeizara clan is well known for the physical appearance of its members. Porcelain is what can describe the beauty of most Tokeizara ninja and it has been said that the clansmen are so handsome and beautiful that other people believe their face is fake. Crystal clear faces and voices, pastel colors in the shades of blue, green and pink cover their hair and a pair of demon eyes that shimmer and sparkle in the light of day and the darkness of the night are what describe the looks of a typical Tokeizara. However, perfection is sometimes broken by abnormalities of their personalities. Spoiled children raised by arrogant families usually end up having a variety of psychological disorders. During formal and traditional occasions, the Tokeizara wear usually wear white traditional clothes with their clan's symbol and Kanji word for fissure 族 on their left and right shoulder, respectively.

Salutes: Tokeizara clansmen are taught a set of manners from a very young age. Including lessons about their behavior in any possible occasion, they are taught a certain code they have to live by. They are open minded people, but when it comes to respect, duty, and honor, they are extremely disciplined. Before engaging in combat they usually bring their fists together in front of their chest as a gesture that symbolizes their clan's name, Tokeizara, which literally means fissure. This salute is meant to always remind them of the sadness and despair caused by the disasters of battles in wars. Regarding salutes between the clansmen, when greeting a fellow Tokeizara they are obliged to slightly bow and place their left fist on their chest, followed by the optional saying: "I offer you my heart."

The history of the Tokeizara clan goes back only a few decades. Its founders, the Tokeizara, were a small family living in a small village in one of Fire Country's forest lands. The Tokeizara had always been a family raising true artists that were inspired by nature, painters and musicians that valued quality and respect. The production of glass was also the business that helped them make a living. The peaceful and normal life of this family was to be changed when the Hokage at the time managed to find out about a secret bloodline that had been pasted down to a certain family that lived away from the shinobi center of Hidden Leaf Village. It only took several days for a team of Konoha shinobi to find the Tokeizara. After the family had refused thrice to follow the shinobi into the village, the council ordered the capture of the family by any means, including force. What the council was seeking was the family's bloodline limit, a precious and rare power. What they didn't know was that four of the family members had been actually training for years so that they could improve their skills and teach the younger members. Unfortunately, two Konoha chuunin and three Tokeizara members got killed on that mission and the family fled in the woods to escape from the authorities. After a couple of weeks, a team of anbu sent by the Hokage eventually captured the Tokeizara and the family was going to face justice. But that was not what happened in reality. Instead of following many suggestions of conducting genetic experiments on the Tokeizara family, the council decided to forget what had happened and have the family assimilated by the village.

The family's children all got married to members of wealthy families of Konoha. The Tokeizara was now able to live with a high standard of living, but they still couldn't forgive the council for forcing them to move in the village and have their children become shinobi sworn to serve Konoha. Still practicing their art of glass creation and decoration, they kept on running a business that quickly proved to be lucrative and allowed them to become even wealthier. The Tokeizara clan managed to build a status in the village's society and its reputation reached even outside Fire Country's borders. Due to many reasons, from fake Tokeizara glass stores to several attempts to kidnap the clan's infants, the clan leaders decided to draw themselves out from the social scene. Their suspicions and fears grew in numbers after every new family member. The clan changed, its house became a closed stronghold and the leaders tried to follow a new tactic. Their political and economic status was already high enough and their influence in the society's affairs allowed them to turn to arrogant and selfish people. Their ambitions rose and the clan was becoming an uncontrolled power among other older clans of the founders of Konoha. The authorities managed to temporarily have the leaders under control but the situation took a wholly different turn when most of the shinobi clan members became aware of their clan's power. Their past lead them to hold a grudge against Konoha. A revolution against the Hokage and the council was being planned but when the rumors spread and the authorities knew all about it, the clan's plans and outrage came to an end after many important clan members were arrested and the whole clan was seriously threatened. What most Tokeizara families couldn't manage in years was done by a young shinobi couple that secretly joined the anbu special forces and contributed to achieve a coupe and breakout a majority of the Tokeizara clan members from prison having them flee to Suna for dwelling.
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