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Kamizuru Clan | Bee Manipulation | Iwagakure

on 7/14/2018, 12:02 am
Clan Name: Kamizuru Clan
-Bloodline Description: Bee Manipulation
Bees are bred and utilized exclusively by the Kamizuru clan as the focal point of their unique techniques. Unlike the kikaichū, the insects used by the Kamizuru's rival, the Aburame clan, the bees are summoned into battle. They are also capable of growing to large sizes, as seen with the Giant Bee. Their larva form have the ability just like the Aburame clan bugs to eat chakra. Like all bug clans the Kamizuru are capable of communicating with their bees through an exchange of thought.

Bees' usefulness centers around offensive capabilities of their stings, with attacks like the Thousand Bee Stings Technique. They are used frivolously in tactics where the bees' lives are sacrificed without concern for their survival; techniques like Jibachi's Bee Bomb Technique shows the bees being sent to attack with exploding tags attached to them.

Village: Iwakagure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary N/A
-Secondary N/A
-Tertiary Bee Manipulation

Clan Characteristics:
Physical Appearance
Clansmen of the Kamizuru have dark hair which can range from jet black to russet brown. They have olive toned skin which many of them refer to as "honey colored" as a reference to their bee manipulation. Like many ranged fighters they tend to have leaner body types as well. For clothing the clansmen wear loose fitted clothing or even mantles with high collars. Their theme colors are known to be purple and gold.


Tier One Genin- Royalty’s Pheromone: Due to the mastery over the bee kingdom as well as the symbiotic harmony between keeper and insect the Royal is able to call out to more and more of their bee minions and start with an extra 50 workers at their side on top of the initial 50. This gives the Royal a bigger army to seek, attack, and destroy all those who dare to threaten the ‘hive’.

Tier Two Chunnin– Hierarchical Dominance: Like all of their worker bees, the Royal can now generate and excrete just as many poisons and paralytics as their army. In doing so, any sting the Royal gives (via scratch or contact with open wound) can transfer said poison or paralytic to the victims blood stream making it much more potent than what their dear worker’s could ever do thus doubling the standard effects the bees would normally have. At this level the Kamizuru has a total of 150 workers. After all jutsu depending on the rank of the jutsu the user will lose [x] amount of bee in the process and cannot use more.

Tier Three Jonin– Hive Mind: Like any hive, all that matters is the Royal. The workers are their army and will do anything to protect the Royal. Kamizuru of this mastery have become such a central figure to their workers that if the Royal is in any immediate danger, a chunk of the swarm will retreat back and sacrifice themselves for the well being of their leader at the cost of 50 bees. There is a one post cool down until the swarm can pull itself together and instantaneously protect the Queen again.At this level the Kamizuru has a total of 250 workers. After all jutsu depending on the rank of the jutsu the user will lose [x] amount of bee in the process and cannot use more.

Bees Per Jutsu

E-Rank: 5
D-Rank: 10
C-Rank: 20
B-Rank: 30
A-Rank: 40
S-Rank: 50

History: TBA
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