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Tetsujin Clan | Metal Release | Iwagakure

on 7/14/2018, 4:27 am
Clan Name: Tetsujin Clan
-Bloodline Description: Kaneton
The Kekkai Genkai of the Tetsujin is Kaneton, Metal Release, a combination element crafted by melding the intense forging heat of Katon with the minerals and durability of Doton, crafted metal from the two. By utilizing chakra to alter the alchemic nature of the earth through an accelerated process of heating, pressure, and chakra, the user will be able to produce metal, forging weapons and objects in mere moments. Kaneton is a difficult element due to the chemistry involved within it. Techniques are complicated due to the amount of crafting involved within it. Tetsujin members practice blacksmiths daily both as a way to better understand the accelerated processes they utilize in their techniques as well as to train themselves. An imperfect technique, be it with smithing or with jutsus, will lead to weak and a brittle weapon. Kaneton is a powerful element due to it's durability and longevity. While flames will die and lightning dissipate, objects made with steel maintain their shape without need of further chakra, acting as stable and strong objects. Kaneton reacts well with most Katon techniques, save the most vicious of flames, is more than Doton, can withstand Suiton unless exposed in long term, is ambivalent to futon-based techniques, and conducts raiton without flinching. Kaneton requires contact to earth to forge new metal, although it may also shape  existing metals.

Village: Iwagakure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary: Doton
-Secondary: Katon
-Tertiary: Kaneton

Clan Characteristics:
Weapon Familiarity
The Tetsujin clan is world renown not simply for their tempers but for their trade, master blacksmiths with often generations of talent and experienced accumulated into the products they created. Because of this, all those born within the clan will be naturally accustomed to both the creating and handling of weapons. While shinobi need not necessarily be blacksmiths, they will know the basics of their craft, and have a discerning eye for weapons, both those of normal and unusual make. A Tetsujin will be able with enough time, study, and resources be able recreate any metal weapon, armor, shield, or tool. In addition, if the ninja is a weapon user, they will have access to a second group of weapons as a secondary, effectively allowing them proficiency with all range of weapons to a varying degree.

History: TBA
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