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Jugo Clan | Chakra Cannon | Iwagakure

on 7/13/2018, 11:22 pm
Clan Name: Jugo Clan
-Bloodline Description: [Chakra Cannon * Chakura no Taiho]
Jugo clan members possess a very intense and incredibly powerful chakra which makes the arts that require intense chakra manipulation like Genjutsu, Medical and Fuuinjutsu impossible for them to learn For that reason a Jugo clan member cannot have those specialties. Their powerful chakra is so dense and so hard to control that it literally seeps out of their bodies when it is out of control, the Jugo clan member has to live their life in fear of bodily or spiritual imbalance because it will cause their chakra to rage which will affect their bodies causing them to become more prone to violence and incite murderous urges that are hard to control.

The mastery over the clan abilities allows Jugo members to literally shoot their very chakra out of the their bodies in powerful blasts, due to highly destructive and powerful nature of the clan’s chakra they are unable to make complicated shapes out of their chakra, only something as simplistic as a ball of chakra or a blast of chakra. The chakra violently erupts from one’s body causing injury to the user themselves however the remaining chakra of a Jugo member is able to mend the wounds made by one’s own chakra.

This ability sees very versatile uses to making jetpacks by firing chakra from user’s legs or just shooting one’s chakra at the enemy without the need of complicated chakra manipulation needed for ninjutsu. Because the clan members lack any control over their bodies and their chakra the chakra cost of their abilities is rather high, which makes a sight of a Jugo member dying from exhausting themselves not such a rare sight to behold and serves as nature’s balance to punishing this clan for their fearsome ability.

Contrary to the ordinary ninjutsu techniques, usually Chakra Cannon techniques do not require handseals, however the user must instead stand and channel chakra which is such intense process that it is visible to a naked eye by seeing a transparent aura around the user and from the user’s tense pose of channeling chakra. Therefore a surprise attack with these techniques is barely possible. The color of their Chakra Cannon techniques match that of their Chakra Aura.

Village: Iwakagure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary N/A
-Secondary N/A
-Tertiary Chakra Canon

Clan Characteristics:
Due to great physical and spiritual control that is required to manage the clan’s ability Jugo clan members possess great physical bulk, men are particularly bulky and muscular and even clan’s females possess an unnatural amount of physical bulk. Usually clan’s members are quite tall, even more so that it might be deemed normal making the presence of a Jugo clan member quite evident on a battlefield. A trait which had previously made the clan members into perfect Juggernauts of battle for those who did not know the clan members true nature.

Most of the clan members are incredibly well tempered, a Jugo clan member trains their entire life to build up increasing physical and spiritual control to better understand and control their fearsome ability. An incredibly masterful control over one’s emotions is needed to properly exercise clan’s bloodline and still stay in control over one’s own body. For that reason Jugo clan members have rather calm and uninterested faces, even the children have already been taught the needed spiritual calmness and control over their emotions.

Most Jugo clan members are incredibly peaceful individuals, due to destructive nature of their abilities Jugo clan members are taught to never resort to violence and are instead taught meditation and to love the nature. They usually grow isolated from bigger towns and villages and for that reason know little of civilization, however all Jugo clan members love nature because “bad seeds” are usually killed by the clan elders in their childhood due to fear of the untold destruction that such a bad seed would cause with their abilities.

History: Not much is known about early conceptions of the Jugo clan. They just sort of were always somewhere in the Tsuchi no Kuni, living as nomads and travelers. Initially Jugo clansmen were very violent and loved to use their destructive abilities for battle, they commonly slaughtered everyone whom they met on their travels and destroyed their establishments just for fun. Dying due to exhaustion was considered an honor – it meant that the member lived their life to their fullest and enjoyed a good destruction until it lasted. Destruction was almost a mantra to the early Jugo clansmen.

That however all changed when early conception of Iwagakure was made. Upon the origins of the ninja village, the Tsuchikage gathered an immense combination of various clans and sent the army to deal with the Jugo barbarians that would not have let the great young ninja village live in peace and harmony. The Jugo clansmen fought bravely, those that fought back were killed, only the women and the children and those who surrendered had been spared of the grievous fate that was handed out to those that opposed Iwagakure. The Jugo ability was ultimately their own downfall as there were simply too many enemies to keep firing and not overexerting their untrained abilities.

What remained of the Jugo clan were treated worse than the common villagers of Iwagakure, they were forced to labor and were viewed as nothing but brainless barbarians. However unlike with the Uchiha this violence and oppression did not make people more violent, it made them learn and adapt. It made them learn to treasure peace and tranquility and ultimately lead by the great Tenbun the Jugo left Iwagakure and separated from the village. Tsuchikage was not happy after learning of this departure and he declared that Jugo will always be hunted, due to the wish to maintain close relationship with the village, other villages also started oppressing and hunting the Jugo down.

After long travels the clan mentality which we know of today started to form, children born in the wild were taught to worship and treasure peace and the nature around them, to love the animals, the birds and the grass that surrounded them. To love the other people as they love their own. Jugo eventually split up into smaller tribes and spread all around the world, so that once one group is caught and wiped out, the others remained, spread the seed of Jugo which is peace, love, compassion and treasuring of mother Earth. The group elders continued to watch the youngsters, wiping out silently any prone to aggression and anger and hate, any who could not control their destructive and violent abilities. That was done simply to ensure that Jugo would never return to their sadistic and violent ways and that the bloody fate of their barbaric ancestors would not befall the young and the current generation of today.

Nowadays the active hunt of Jugo is halted, even in the Iwagakure, still however they are not very liked and they are rejected and pushed around and bullied due to their destructive abilities, but not as much as they are feared. Perhaps this fear is the reason of this rejection and of the Jugo solitude.
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