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 Onkyou Clan (Sound Manipulation)

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PostSubject: Onkyou Clan (Sound Manipulation)   2/26/2012, 3:37 pm

Clan Name: Onkyou
-Bloodline Description: Sound Manipulation (Hibikiton)- This clan has the unique ability to manipulate and use soundwaves for various purposes. Often they use them for genjutsu, ninjutsu, and even some unique tactics that few have seen before.

Village: Kiririririririririririririririririririririgakure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary Lanky Bodies- Onkyou tend to be taller and lithe individuals with ropy muscles built for acrobatics rather than raw strength. This allows most Onkyou to be quite agile but lacking the overall physical strength to overpower other shinobi of their skill level.
-Secondary Synesthesia- 95% of Onkyou develop Synesthesia in the form of Sound>Color. This allows shinobi to see sounds as flashes of colors similar to fireworks with patterns and colors dependent on sound. These flashes occur whether a shinobi’s eyes are open or closed.
-Tertiary Deaf by 30- At thirty years of age, Onkyou lose their hearing. Always.

Secret Clan Jutsu:
The clan’s wide variety of uses has left members teaching each other with no absolute scripture as to what kinds of techniques are out there to learn. They fully believe that stating what is already known is a good way to hamper creative energies.

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PostSubject: Re: Onkyou Clan (Sound Manipulation)   3/7/2012, 1:09 pm

seems somewhat ok so far, but we are going to need some history in there.
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Onkyou Clan (Sound Manipulation)
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