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 A tournament?

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PostSubject: A tournament?   1/14/2012, 1:08 pm

"Hancock!" the mizukage said as he directed his attention from his paperwork to the tall, buxom, brunette that stood before him. She wore her standard attire of her kuja tribe for the events.

"Yes, my lord," the brunette responded in her most respective tone as her name was called.

"I'd like you to be one of the shinobis to represent our village in the upcoming tournament held in the land of whirlpool. You must have gotten most of the information from the message I sent, so I don't think I'll need to say much more on where it is since your already late," the mizukage spoke upholding his usual fearful tone. "It would be a hard hit to have the village lose you for such a minor event since your one of our best shinobis, but this tournament also is a way for our village to attain more authority and status among the other nations since were currently at the bottom of that list. That is all, then you may be on your way."

"Yes my lord, if you so desire me to win then I'll give it my all to please you." Having said that Hancock dispersed in a puff off smoke.

~One hour later~

Hancock sat at the throne of the ship. She had changed her attire to her preferred battle outfit which was a long purple dress with kuja tribes designs and a split at the sides of her right leg. She would have gotten to the ship earlier, but she needed to freshen up before she could proceed to her travel; hopefully the mizukage wouldn't be displeased with her doing so, but it was necessary as she had been on a mission just before he called her in for this new task. As much as she was displeased with receiving another task as soon as she had just return from a S-rank mission, she wouldn't admit so the mizukage as she was willing to follow his orders without questions. As long as he acknowledged her she was okaying with him using her however he liked - and in her case she saw his method of acknowledgement as giving her many missions.

It was now just around 2 PM and she was still a little tired as her most recent mission had restricted her of sleep for two nights straight. Every few minutes she would nod off on herself in her body desperate need for sleep. All she needed to do now was to wait for her subordinates to give approval that they were ready to set sail and she would be on her way. For her beauty and for her being one of the most outstanding shinobi in the village, she had manage to have the mizukage give her own personal ship for travel, and with her beauty she was able to have many subordinates aboard. The ship was remarkably large able to hold probably the entire population of kirigakure. There were not many women on the ship as the village was dominant in males and primarily males would fall for her charm with the exception of few women. In total there were around twenty men on the ship, with seven women, totaling to twenty-seven people excluding herself.

"Preparations are ready to set sail, Mrs. Hancock," a man said as he bowed before Hancock who sat at her throne aboard the vast ship. A blush was at his face and it was easy to judge by it that he was likely having dirty fantasies of the Hebihime.

Letting the man's look of perverse facial expression slip, Hancock propped her cheek into her hand as she spoke. "Well then, set sail - mizukage-dono said that I am already late, so I would like for the ship to proceed smoothly, quickly and without any misfortunes."

Nodding off on herself another time in the past thirty seconds, Hancock rose form her feet as she proceeded to the lowest deck of her ship where she had inserted her own personal hot spring for use. She enjoyed taking long baths to calm her nerves, so it was only natural for her to have such. Entering into her room aboard the ship which was roughly almost half the ship itself, Hancock changed out of her clothing and her body came into view. She wouldn't have to leave her room to go the spring as it was in a room just right of her bed room.

"Get out," the brunette said calmly coming across five men in her hot spring. Even though she had reserved the spring for herself only, her subordinates had always used it against her consent. Even so, they all would follow her orders as she told them to leave. But there prying eyes seeing her come into the room naked was enough to make her gag - but she did enjoy it when men would look at her body to some extent so she would nevertheless not let it faze her too much as it had become a constant thing, as she would find more and more men in her bath everyday.

After the men had left, Hancock proceeded into her spring dipping her toes into the spring to test it before she entered. She would stop as something had seem to gone off in her head. 'How could I forget to empty the spring. Me sharing the same water as those vermin' she thought.

Pressing a contraption on her ship, the water from the springs would soon drain out into the sea and would be replaced by a fresh bash from the ships reservoir. She would have let the men scrub the entirety of the tub immediately as she didn't want to touch it after they did, but she would leave it for later as she was already too sleepy to bother with it at the time. Taking in the warmth of the spring, Hancock sighed in pleasure as she closed her eyes and let the water engulf her entire body, removing all feeling of discomfort and tension.

Her eyes soon reopened as she looked over at her open door that let back into her room. At the rim of the doorway she noticed the eyes of a few of her subordinates that had taken liberty to peek at her despite her request of privacy. Letting out another sigh, this time in discomfort, Hancock spoke. "Since the five of you are already here, then make yourself uselful and get rid of these tensed joints before the tournament," she spoke her expression renaming stern all the way through.

Without another word, the five men immediately shot into the room and did what they were ordered. Hancock was accustom to men snooping around her house trying to get a peek at her body, as such she was accustom to it all by now. If she was to kill whoever saw her body she would likely have to kill every male in the village with the exception of young boys, so she had grown accustom to it all taking it as second nature almost like breathing; she had anything to be ashamed of as she believed herself to be well endorsed as a woman. the massage from the men had done her a great good - she had hand picked men to join her ship who had fine massage hands for moments just like this. Two of the men both massaged her two legs individually - but she would often have to shoot them glares whenever they would attempt to go anywhere further than her inner thigh or rear, meanwhile one massaged her back, another at her arms, and another at her mid section and chest.

Her mind drifted to this tournament and what was in stored such as who or what she would meet there. Why the mizukage hadn't register himself was above her knowledge, but she wouldn't question him - maybe he wanted her to prove her skill to him by participating. But, she was at least greatful that he acknowledged her for the task above anyone else. Many shinobi from the village had requested to go on their own accord and was granted permission by him, but she was specifically requested by him - the thought of that made her feel needed one might say.

Allowing herself to doze off, no longer to keep herself awake, she gave the men her last order to wake her up when they get to there location. She could sleep for a entire week if given, but she would have to accept the five hours she was allotted to arrive.
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A tournament?
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