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 Fire style: Rending Flames Training

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PostSubject: Fire style: Rending Flames Training   1/12/2012, 3:07 pm

Riku having been told of a new jutsu by his father and having been given a brief demonstration, headed off to the forest with eight rice balls. The grass was crunchy beneath his feet and the trees rustled in the slight breeze. The sun shone brightly, illuminating the birds that flew back to their nests. He greeted a traveller walking down the dusty road towards the village and continued on his way. He noticed a squirrel perched on a branch nibbling on a nut and was suddenly struck with hunger. He pulled out a rice ball and walked on. He was going to need the energy. He found a clearing with a good amount of trees and decided it was a good spot to train. He put his items and food down and walked into the centre of the clearing. Riku concentrated for a brief moment, shutting his eyes, and activated his sharingan. He then made the hand signs slowly and concentrated his chakra. The flames sizzled into life in the palm of his right hand. He slowly raised his hand, bought it back and threw the fireball at the nearest tree. The fireball hit the tree and exploded against it making Riku shield his eyes. When he looked again the branches of the tree were alight and no leaves where left. He again concentrated his chakra into his hands and once again the flames came to life. He bought both hands back and pressed them together and waited until the heat intensified. He threw both hands forward and a larger, faster fireball shot towards another tree. Riku had scorched the tree so badly some of it had turned black and branches where hanging low. Satisfied with his work and feeling slightly drained, Riku picked up his things and strolled slowly home with a smile on his face.

(P.S The trees are small. Larger than saplings though.)
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Fire style: Rending Flames Training
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