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 Hyuuga Clan

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PostSubject: Hyuuga Clan   12/10/2011, 6:42 am

Clan Name:Hyuuga Clan
-Bloodline Description:
The clan uses this ability in conjunction with their own chakra creating the Juuken (gentle fist) fighting style. By focusing the chakra to their finger tips, they can press the tenketsu or chakra pressure points of their opponents body. When the finger nears the tenketsu the chakra is forced out, collapsing the targeted tenketsu for a period of time. The tenketsu serve as the connectors and exit points for the chakra pathways. So when they are stopped by the Hyuuga clan member, the ninja greatly loses his or her ability to utilize their chakra for jutsu.

Village: Konoha

Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
Quote :

The widely known technique, Byakugan is a doujutsu with an unmatched level of vision. When activated, it allows the user to see in every direction at the same time, with only a small blind spot at some angle above their back.More than that, it allows one to scan wide areas by letting them see through objects and over a distance of up to ten miles. Finally, they can detect chakra even better than the Sharingan, capable of seeing even the chakra circulatory system of living creatures. However,Byakugan does not have the Sharingan's ability to detect and anticipate high-speed movement.

While the Byakugan only has one stage, the level of power between its general level and that which only a few can achieve is vast. Generally, mastering this doujutsu yields all the same powers to a clan member, with only one tiny difference, which creates a large gap in power as a result. This difference is the ability to see tenketsu, special regulatory points in one's chakra circulatory system. By attacking these points with Jyuuken, the Hyuuga can affect the flow of chakra in their opponent's body without limit. With that said, they cannot be attacked without being able to see them, which is the reason why two Hyuugas of the same average skill level can have entirely different combat power.

Quote :

Rumored to be the strongest taijutsu style in existence, Gentle Fist is an effective killing technique. Unlike a common taijutsu style, it is not based on speed and strength, but solely speed, which allows its practitioners to have more specialization. The style's blows are weak, but they deal exceptional damage because the style is based on attacking the chakra circulatory system. The Hyuuga are able to release chakra from every opening on their body, unlike normal shinobi, and they can see their enemy's chakra circulatory system, which allows this style to be effectively used. By attacking it, the clan members can deal damage to their opponent's internal organs and disrupt their chakra flow. Since it uses chakra to attack, ordinary defensive measures are rendered useless. Stronger shinobi can make it work even through armor, but it can't be used to damage chakra system at all unless the user's hand connects with the target.

Quote :

Blessed with a clan doujutsu the Byakugan grants the Hyugga the ability to see through genjutsu of their rank with ease. This cost them no chakra and no physical harm.

Secret Clan Jutsu:




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Hyuuga Clan
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