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 Akimichi Clan

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PostSubject: Akimichi Clan   12/10/2011, 6:24 am

Clan Name:Akimichi Clan
-Bloodline Description:
The Akimichi clan (秋道一族, Akimichi Ichizoku) is a clan that is able to convert calories into chakra; which they then use in their hidden technique, Multi-Size Technique and its various related body-enlargement jutsus. Most of these jutsus are known to rapidly consume the user's chakra upon activation, and maintaining them during a prolonged battle can be tiring, which must be why the Akimichi is prone to overeating in order to constantly replenish their chakra reserves. If standard calories aren't enough for a battle, Akimichi can use the clan's Three Colored Pills to convert excess fat into chakra, at the cost of one's health.

Village: Konoha

Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
Quote :

Physical Strength:
Members of the clan possess great physical strength. Their genetically larger in body size than every other clan in Konoha. With being naturally larger they are also naturally stronger physically. Member of this clan have a natural 20% physical strength boost. However with this clan no SC of strength are allowed.

Quote :

Calorie Control:
This ability allows members of the Akimichi clan free control of the calories in their bodies to perform their clan's techniques. The Akimichi developed the Three Coloured Pills for easier use of this technique, however, the pills have risks. These effects are not seen when the user performs the technique without the assistance of the pills. At the highest level of the technique, the user converts calories into chakra and releases the chakra in the shape of two large butterfly wings. In this form, the user can use high-level clan techniques, such as the Butterfly Bullet Bombing technique, several times without experiencing fatigue or other adverse effects. This stage raises the Akimichi chakra 35cp, speed increased 25%, and strength, 40%. This can only be achieved with A-S Rank Akimichi

Quote :

Akimichi Hyourougan Pills
Weapon Class: Pills
Pocket: Accessories
Weapon Type: Supplementary
Description: Three different pills with three different colors. Blue pill - Houren-gan pill. Yellow pill - Curry pill. Red pill - Pepper pill. Taking even one of these pills causes great damage to the body. All of the pills increase the chakra of whoever eats them. However, these pills do not only cause great damage to the body but th pills can also be fatal. In most cases, people die from eating them because of too much of a strain on the body. That's why the members of the Akimichi clan only use these as a last resort. These pills also have a particular order in which you are supposed to take them. Starting with eating the weakest to the strongest pill. In this order: Houren-gan pill, Curry pill, and then finally the Pepper pill.
NOTE: All pills effects end in 3 post.

Houren-gan Pill- The user’s strength will increase by 10% than before and will receive 14 extra chakra.
Curry Pill- The user’s strength will increase by 25% more than before and will receive 21 extra chakra.
Pepper Pill- The user’s strength will increase by 40% more than before and speed will increase by 25% before and receive 33 extra chakra. Sadly, after pepper pill is consumed death is assured and slimness of body unless receives serious medical attention.

Secret Clan Jutsu:




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Akimichi Clan
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