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Requirements for a Kage

on 5/21/2009, 4:10 am
The Kage

1. First of all, a Kage must be a very efficent rper. One line posts are a big no. Sometimes the occasion allows for a short post, but for the majority of the time, a Kage's posts need to be big and beefy, especialy during a fight. When a Kage fights, fireworks should go off, and anyone reading the fight should be like, "Wow, this dude is pretty good." Tactics must be used in conjunction with power. An rper with out tactics is genin level at best. A kage without tactics is worthless.

2. A Kage MUST ALWAYS be willing to deffend their village and villagers. Whenever a threat is posed to their village/villagers, they better be johhny on the spot as soon as they are able to post. It is a Kage's duty to be their villages champion, the best and most dedicated as well. If you say, "ahh this dude who is attacking my viillage is too powerful, ill let him do what he wants so i don't get killed," You need to be smacked in the face. That is the WRONG answer. You say, "Allright dude, you picked the wrong village to mess with." Complete devotion to their village is the prime persoanlity trait of a Kage.

3. If you are faced with someone challenging you for the position of Kage, then you have no choice but to accept. To decline shows fear. By declining, you forefiet your position to the person who challenged you, and you leave someone who is untested in your spot, but at least they showed more spirit about the job then you did.

4. Making sure your villagers are up to par. If you see that a ninja is not quite where they should be in their training, you should step up and make sure they get better help then what they are currently getting. To make the village strong, the shinobi need to be as good as they can be. It is the Kage's responsiblity to make sure of that.

5. Helping out your village in any way possible as well as the villagers. If somethign happens to your village, like a small raid, you need to do what you can to A) prevent it and B) if it does happen, help the village return to normal as quickly as possible. If a ninja needs help with something, and you have the means to make sure he gets that help, you had better do it.

6. Diplomacy. A kage needs to make sure he keeps up to date with what goes on in the world outside his village. Not staying up to date is how unexpected attacks happen, and villages get crushed. You also need to keep alliances strong. Not staying in touch with your allies is a good way to alienate them and turn them into your enemey. More enemies means more worrying for your villages and more unneeded work for the shinobi.

7. Keeping things running as smoothly as possible. Making sure the people are happy and that everyone has something or another to do. Also making sure that everone has a job of somekind and making an income. Without and income, people cant eat. When people cant eat, they die. When your villagers die, your village gets weaker. Making sure the condition of your village is stable and a good living enviorment for everyone is key.

For now that is it. If anyone has ideas for other duties that a Kage should abide by, send the idea to me in a PM, and if i and/or an admin deems them suitable, they will be added to the list.
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