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Jashinist Clan | Curse Techniques | Scattered

on 7/20/2018, 7:28 pm
Clan Name: Jashin Clan
-Bloodline Description: Curse Techniques
*) The Jashinists are capable of using special kind of ninjutsu called "Jujutsu" or "Curse Techniques" these Curse Techniques are somewhat of a combination of ninjutsu and genjutsu that requires the user to fulfil a set of conditions that link their body and physical energy that their chakra is made of and that of their opponent's. Every ritual is supposed to be followed to the detail for it to work, but also due to religious status of the clan in order to please the deity they worship which in term makes it impossible to deviate from the procedure of the technique described in the jutsu description (for example if the technique states that it strangles the opponent, it is impossible to instead apply pressure to another area of the body even if theoretically it'd be possible etc.). Also because the Jujutsu link the user's and the opponent's chakra together, most of the Jujutsu inflict some sort of damage to the user as well or requires the user to damage themselves in order to damage the enemy using Jujutsu.

*) The user gains access to a clan specific set of Curse Techniques. Unfortunately contrary to tales and legends of the clan's exploits it does not boost the vitality or stamina or pain tolerance of the Jashinist. Jashinists are not immortal or any more vital than their peers.

*) Due to mentally and physically unstable nature of the Jashin clan they are unable to properly train themselves in the arts of speed. More so, some not only lack the proper mental stability and endurance to train their physical speed but also carry gigantic weapons that prevent them from becoming overly speedy. For these reasons Jashinists cannot learn Speed SCs.

Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary N/A
-Secondary  N/A

Clan Characteristics:
The Person
The members of this “clan” are often seen wearing clan symbol associated accessories or jewelry. Most of them also choose to wear clan tattoos on their body in a location where it wouldn’t be visible from the first sight but it could be easily revealed (like the shoulder or chest). Due to the extremity of their beloved emotions the Jashin clansmen tend to have rather peculiar facial emotions. They tend to emote rather explicitly and have very few unemotional people amongst their ranks to the point where one would be considered rather exotic to be a part of the religion but also have strict, uninterested and unpredictable “emo” faces that the Uchiha, for example, are known for.

Most Jashinists have scars all over their body, scars that represent the astounding amount of self-harm they cause with their bloody rituals. The number and depth of said scars varies and depends on mostly the member’s experience. Perhaps due to genetic material of the first Jashinists most of the Jashinists have very extreme hair colors: silver, snow-white or dark black. Also a lot of Jashinists carry around peculiar and pointy weapons designed to draw blood with, that comes in handy having the ritualistic techniques of the clan in mind.

Art of Kenjutsu To be continued

History: TBA
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