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Senju Clan | Wood Release | Scattered

on 7/14/2018, 10:24 pm
Clan Name: Senju Clan
-Bloodline Description: Wood Release
The Senju clan has the ability of the manipulation of the advanced element wood, or "Mokuton". They achieve this by having complete balance with two elements: Earth and Water. By combining these two chakra and implementing them into jutsu they can create wood or manipulate preexisting wood. By converting chakra into the source of life, Senju are able to create trees, cause them to grow to great sizes, and manipulate them to diverse shapes and battle uses at will. It was said that this ability was used to create the very landscape and foundation that Konoha is built upon.

Village: Scattered
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary Doton
-Secondary Suiton
-Tertiary Mokuton

Clan Characteristics:
Elite Clan
The Senju clan was and still till this day one of the most powerful clans in the world. Through history their natural talents and skills were parred with the famed Uchiha clan for many years. Even those who didn't inherit the clans powerful kekkei genkai and indistinguishable vitality were known for being great ninja. The clansmen are skilled in nearly all forms of the ninja art, which include ninjutsu, genjutsu, taijutsu and even fuuinjutsu (This does not mean Senju characters can have more than two specialties however). They are strong fighters and total naturals in the art of war, which made them either the most cherished ally or the most fearsome enemies during the centuries. Along with their talents, strength is something that the Senju highly prioritized and which they seemingly have a gift for. From their training and affinity for brute strength each clan member tends to have special characteristics involving strength which makes them capable of delivering powerful blows and throwing great objects considerable distances.

History: TBA
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