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Adashi Clan | Explosion Release | Iwakagure

on 7/13/2018, 4:44 pm
Clan Name:  Adashi Clan
-Bloodline Description: Explosion Release (爆遁, Bakuton)
(爆遁, Bakuton) is an advanced chakra nature created by simultaneously mixing both Katon (Fire Release) and Raiton (Lightning release) nature elements. By combining the hazardous and unstable properties of both fire and lightning, the wielder is capable of spawning powerful explosions, that can range from micro-cellular, to macro-nuclear levels. Due to level of monstrosity that it can potentially bring, Bakuton has been noted as being one of the most powerful advanced natures in existence. The Explosion Corp. ranked the Adashi a top-tier clan due to their mastery in the use of the Bakuton nature type despite the few other clans that wielded it. Their uses for it include "charging" objects and people with explosive chakra, shaping their Bakuton chakra in a variety of fashions, and even absorbing the force of other explosions to prevent damage to oneself. Depending on the training of the Adashi clansmen, Bakuton can be applied to a number of specializations to amplify their legality considerably, with the most common being Taijutsu or Weaponry. This can potentially give rise to an unmatched explosive fighting style that can literally annihilate an enemy with a single punch. Before explosion, the appearance of Bakuton chakra is usually stunning white color, which migrates itself to the surface of the charged object, whether it be a fist, or a weapon. Elite users of the Bakuton art were said to be so powerful, that they were capable of destroying entire villages with higher-end techniques.

Village: Iwakagure
Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
-Primary: Fire Release
-Secondary: Lightning Release
-Tertiary: Explosion Release

Clan Characteristics:
Physical Appearance
Members of the Adashi clan are known to possess ankle length raven hair, light brown skin, and hazel eyes. Their casual clan attire typically consists of black loose fitted clothing with red fishnet shirts and ninja sandals.

Killing Machines
Being one of the more specialized clans in Iwagakure, clansmen are trained at birth in the art of battle and assassination. They possess a encyclopedic knowledge on different tactical approaches to kill a target when on the field as quickly and stylishly as possible. This makes them versatile fighters and extremely dangerous warriors. During both the First, and Second, Shinobi War, their skill was said to only be rivaled with that of the Senju, and the Uchiha. Clan members are skilled in nearly all form of Ninjutsu which includes Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, Taijutsu and even Weaponry (this does not permit more than two specialties however). Even with their natural elite attributes, the clans most power trait is definable their devastating kekkei genkai known as Bakuton; Explosion Style. With their natural fighting abilities and kekkei genkai, the clan became known as the perfect, "Killing Machines". When in battle, clan members are taught to observe the enemy and be as perceptive as possible.

The Adashi clan were known to be one of the oldest clans in the shinobi world, existing in the late times of the Uchiha and Senju. They were founded by two brothers, both whom possessed the kekkei genkai which allowed them to access the Bakuton element by mixing both their earth and fire chakra types. The brothers lived on Mt. Iyashi which was located near the great mountains of Iwagakure. They resided in a small temple inside the mountain area where they trained intensely to perfect their Ninjutsu. Eventually both boys matured, and left the mountains to embark in a long journey across the villagers to fulfill their thirst of adventure. When reaching the lands of Konoha, they discovered a large clan whom they found much in common with, the Uchiha clan. The Adashi brothers grew along with the Uchiha, forming the now larger Adashi clan. Both clans existing in a cordial relationship, and they helped each other in whatever battles they encountered. The Uchiha aided the Adashi clan in their training, which is how the Adashi became such talented ninja that they are today. During a last battle, the Raishi clan smashed with the Mushiki clan who allied with the Senju. It was an epic battle of two clans that both possessed advanced element kekkei genkai, which ended in many members of both sides being killed. After the war, the Raishi left the Uchiha and fled back to Iwagakure to stabilize their war engulfed life and find some peace in its stone walls. Many elders of the clan possess memories of the battles and prepare the young for the, "Day of Reckoning" which is a conspiracy theory that the Uchiha and Senju will once again fight in a epic battle where they will aid the Uchiha once again.

After the war, the founders of Iwagakure saw potential in the Adashi clan and devised an alliance with them in hopes of wielding their power. They formed an organization of ANBU operatives called the Explosion Corp., which specialized in explosions and mass destruction. It didn't take long for the Explosion Corp. to become highly feared throughout the neighboring countries. By this time, the Adashi clan had branched into a few other small clans that specialized in their own use of explosions, with the main branch still being the most elite. In recent years, upon the destruction of Konoha, and the recent war, some members of the Adashi clan have migrated to other villages for their own personal needs. Some being spies for Iwagakure, while others taking this opportunity to leave the village once and for all.
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