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Fuinjutsu/ Sealing System

on 7/13/2018, 3:45 pm
Fuinjutsu or Sealing System

Giving way to creativity, we have created a very basic guide for fuuinjutsu or rather a sealing system, or scroll system. Basic and easy to understand. Each scroll has a variety of slots of items it can accommodate, with some custom scrolls able to hold or do more than normal. Those however need to be purchased. Scrolls do not have "ranks" as ranks are virtually meaningless for a scrolls overall capacity, they are meaningful when it comes to jutsu storing etc etc. However one may only purchase scroll based on their characters rank.

Academy Student: Tiny Scroll- 5 Slots
Genin: Small Scroll - 8 Slots
Chunnin: Medium Scroll - 12 Slots
Jonin: Large Scroll - 20 Slots
Kage: Huge Scroll- 30 Slots

Three Levels
There are three basic levels to sealing, with each level having everything the previous levels had, plus the ones for their own levels

Sealing for Everybody
-Able to Seal basic weapons/items of E and D rank
-Can only use up to a Large Scroll

Seals for Weapon Users and Puppet Users
-Able to seal any weapon or puppet of any rank into a scroll
-Can only use up to Large Scrolls
-Able to seal human bodies or Legendary Weapons

Seals for Fuinjutsu Users
-Able to seal any techniques up to S rank
-Can use up to Enormous Scrolls

Rank by Slot Amounts

-E - Rank: - 1 Slot - 5 Senbon, 3 Shuriken, 1 Kunai (+1 slot for any customized)
-D - Rank: 1 Slot per item/object - 4 For Jutsu's
-C - Rank: 4 Slots per Item/object - 6 For Jutsu's
-B - Rank: 6 Slots per Item/object - 10 For Jutsu's
-A - Rank: 10 Slots per Item/object - 15 For Jutsu's
-S - Rank: 15 Slots per Item/object - 25 For Jutsu's

◀ Sealing Information

It goes without saying, like everything else, we follow a very basic rank system on NN. Which means, unless you have Fuuinjutsu as a primary or secondary, you can only use scrolls up to your rank, and seal things up to your rank. This is especially so for Weapon/Puppet Masters.

Similar to Bukijutsu Focuses, you can only carry/have on you, scrolls of your rank.

Finally, one last issue, scrolls can not be stored in other scrolls, except by a Fuuinjutsu Practitioner. That means storing another scroll in a scroll is impossible for anyone put them.

@Credits to Naruto Nexus Staff
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