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The Exp, Mission, and Eval System

on 10/17/2017, 5:10 pm

Welcome member, to the Experience System. On Naruto Nation, we promote the idea of allowing members to be rewarded for their hard work role-playing by allowing them to earn experience points or EXP. These points are valuable to a member as they will enable you to purchase jutsu, equipment, creatures and various other techniques that will assist your character in their growth towards power and their own personal plot. Working hand-in-hand with our Ranking System, these points are also tracked as a total amount, allowing members to eventually earn a higher rank. But that’s later on.

Earning EXP is very easy - all one has to do is write! Role playing is essential on our site and not only does it allow members to build relationships In Character [IC] it can also earn a member points towards enhancing their experience on the forum. EXP can be earned in every form of role-playing topic with the exception of training posts for the special characteristics as well as enhancements in clan kekkei genkai [i.e. The Sharingan], and ranking threads. When these threads – minus the aforementioned – are completed, you as a member, are able to throw them up for evaluation in The Evaluation Section. Here, your topics will be graded and points awarded.

Evaluations are done individually for each member that participated in the topic. All threads will be graded out of ten where the Evaluations Moderator will rate you on your creativity, originality, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure and the use of your fellow members’ [if applicable] posts in your own writings. EXP will then be delved out to the participants with staff commentary and possible constructive criticism so one may continue to grow as a writer. These points will then be recorded in our Character Accounts and are then available for you to use to purchase jutsu, equipment and creatures for your character.

The life of a shinobi is dangerous. Death is always around the corner so one must watch their back, as well as the backs of their comrades. When one fails, however, another should be rewarded and it is due to this, that EXP may also be gained through killing other shinobi. Now, this does not mean you can slaughter your fellow villagers, but betrayers and enemies are readily available. It will also not be received well if a slaughtering of lower ranks occurs by higher ranks. If this does ensue in a village-nin, the absence of moral ethics will only be rewarded with a black mark on your character and may let to further ramifications depending on the village and their ideals.

In the case of Nukenin, if genin are so inclined to wander out of their village without their sensei, you have a plausible reason for being in that area and it is within your character's nature and personality to kill children, then by all means - they are fair game. Any acts of murder and kidnapping can be used in conjunction with the Bingo Book, so if successful one can gain EXP and bounty increases. When it comes to the aspects of killing shinobi, we want the experience to be as realistic as possible and since it is an unfortunate aspect of the shinobi life, we do not prohibit it.

EXP can be earned through fatalities by the following:

D - Rank 10 EXP
C - Rank 15 EXP
B - Rank 25 EXP
A - Rank 40 EXP
S - Rank 60 EXP

Abuse of the System
Here on Naruto Nation, we view characters as an extension of you - the role-player. Due to this, interchangeable characters are not allowed on the forum. All deaths will be evaluated for the 'realism' of their execution. If we have found that you have initiated it with the intentions of gaining a new character - we will deny the death, voiding the topic and stating to you that it never existed.

Approved Deaths
In the case that a death is given proper approval and the deceased character was killed in a regulated manner, the member will receive 50% of their previous overall EXP total which will then be transferred to their next shinobi. In the case where the number is a decimal, it will be rounded up in value. Suicide is excluded from this sub-category.

Therefore, a full transaction of an approved kill would be as followed:
Billy's genin, Koi, was killed in a battle with Sarah's C-Rank Missing Nin, Sanji.

The death is approved.
Sanji [Sarah] gains 20 EXP.
Koi, who held a total amount of 50 EXP earns Billy's next character 50 ÷ .5 = 25 EXP.

Non-Playable Characters
Non-playable Characters or NPCs can be frequently found around the forum. These characters are only in use to further the role-playing journey of a member's so that they may reach their fullest potential. If one wishes to earn additional EXP for their character, they may sign up to role-play as an NPC for a fellow member. When these topics are put up for evaluation, they will be graded like a regular thread and all EXP that is gained from this venture will only be valued as 'Expendable EXP.' In other words, it does not count towards your overall total towards advancements in rank.

The payout for missions is as follows:
Missions pay out according to the amount of words you type: 1 word = 1/2 Ryo. You need to reach at least the base listed above, before your mission will be able to be approved.

Example: You do a D rank mission that comes to 250 words, even though you only need to reach 200 words. You will be paid 125 Ryo, not 250. If a mission lists a ryo/item/etc payment, that is on top of the base payment that is determined by word counts.

After you are approved, jutsu is no longer given freely. It will have to be purchased through Ryo,  which can be earned through role-play. The rank of what you are interested in buying falls under different costs of Ryo. The following chart holds the necessary information:

E - Rank 200 Ryo
D - Rank 400 Ryo
C - Rank 800 Ryo
B - Rank 1000 Ryo
A - Rank 1500 Ryo
S - Rank 2000 Ryo

Now, even if you have enough Ryo to purchase the item of your choice, you must first get the jutsu, piece of equipment or creature approved first. All the links have been provided in the aforementioned sections. Remember to fill out all the appropriate templates for each category.

After they have been approved, the Ryo will be subtracted from your current total, thus limiting the amount you have for future purchases until a new topic is evaluated and points are then rewarded.

It is common for some jutsu, and certain pieces of equipment, to occupy multiple ranks, with their effects and such differing accordingly. These jutsu are charged for the highest rank available to the user, and can only used up to that rank. So a B-rank Ninja buying a C-A Rank jutsu pays the cost of a B-rank jutsu. Once they reach A-rank they must re-purchase the jutsu to access the next rank. However, the cost will be discounted by what the user previously paid. An A-rank ninja upgrading a C-A rank jutsu they purchased at B-rank will only pay the difference between A and B rank, not the full cost.

Multi-rank jutsu must have the rank available to the user denoted on their app, usually as the letter in parenthesis, bolded.

Multi-Rank Example for a C-rank Shinobi wrote:

Name: Lightning Release: Electromagnetic Murder
Rank: C-A (C)
Type: Ninjutsu
Range: Close (0m - 5m), Mid (5m - 10m)
Element: Raiton (Lightning)
Description: This technique allows the user to create a wave of electricity from their hands. The user can vary its power from a small surge to shock an opponent to a powerful stream of lightning capable of ripping through solid rock.
Chakra Cost: C (5), B (10), A (20)


There are a few things that cannot be purchased with Ryo and do in fact need a training topic. Special Characteristics are listed with their appropriate word count and those must therefore be met for you to gain the attribute. In the case of certain Kekkei Genkai where there are stages to the enhancement of the technique – the sharingan, for example – one must meet the word count for the training of the technique. Thus, if you want to earn the second tomoe, you must first participate in at least two spars to awaken the technique.

To apply for these techniques, please visit the Miscellaneous Registration.

NOTE: For the techniques that can be upgraded each rank, they must be trained for and one's character does not automatically gain the new abilities.

TRAINING ELEMENTS: Assuming that you don't wish to start with two elements on your application you can later train an element or even two if you start with none throughout your characters lifespan. The only way to do this is to be taught by somebody who already has the element you're wanting to train. So if you wanted to learn the Water Element you would require somebody who has the Water Element as one of their affinities to roleplay with you teaching you about the element, how to channel the elemental chakra and release it so it can be used for jutsu.

In the case of Jinchuuriki techniques, one must continue to follow the outlines that are detailed on the Rules of a Jinchuuriki, which can be found here.

For Summonings, one must role-play out the initial contracts with their species of choice, therefore earning the rights to the breed. The only charges of Ryo will occur for the initial Summoning Jutsu if one is missing it from their arsenal. All Summoning Contracts must follow the given minimum word-count. Afterwards, each additional summon may be purchased following the aforementioned costs for jutsu.

The Ranking system, here at US follows the following format:

Genin 0 EXP 0 Mission Points
Seinen 0 EXP 0 Reputation Points
Experienced Genin 75 EXP 30 Mission Points
Noreta Seinen 75 EXP 30 Reputation Points
Chūnin 140 EXP 70 Mission Points
Teinei 140 EXP 70 Reputation Points
Special Jōnin 200 EXP 100 Mission Points
Yobun Teinei 200 EXP 100 Reputation Points
Jōnin 270 EXP 170 Mission Points
Kiken 270 EXP 170 Reputation Points
Master Jōnin 350 EXP 250 Mission Points
Kiwamete Kiken 350 EXP 250 Reputation Points
Sennin 500 EXP 350 Mission Points
Shōten 500 EXP 350 Reputation Points
Kage Cannot be earned through points.


MISSION POINTS – are points that are needed for village shinobi to rank up and also contribute the ninja's pool of expandable funds. These can be earned through role-playing missions from your affiliated village or your own personalized missions. For lists of missions and the request area, please click here.

REPUTATION POINTS – Like Mission Points, Reputation is needed for a nukenin to make their way in the shinobi world. To gain ranks, they most complete missions, or crimes, so their notoriety grows. That is what Reputation Points are. For lists of crimes and the request area, please click here.

Credits: Adam

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Re: The Exp, Mission, and Eval System

on 10/17/2017, 6:24 pm

The Missions System is slightly different then what you might be used to if you were familiar with the Ultimate Shinobi system.

The first thing you may notice is that we actually have a Missions Board which is located in our Request Area. Using the 'Mission Request Template,' you can request a mission. A Role-Play Moderator will then create you a mission to complete, or alternatively you can use the Mission Template to request the permission to do a mission you have created yourself in the same way.

Once the mission is successfully completed you submit it for evaluation in the Evaluation Section and specify that it is a mission.

Much like the Topic Evaluation System you can receive a maximum of twenty-five points, however this is done in a slightly different concept to the Evaluation System and instead stays true to the Naruto Nation Mission Boards system. You are scored out of ten, whereas the other ten is based on the mission ranking which is identical to the original Naruto Nation. The values for each ranking is as followed:

D-Rank Mission - 2 Points.
C-Rank Mission - 4 Points.
B-Rank Mission - 6 Points.
A-Rank Mission - 8 Points.
S-Rank Mission - 10 Points.

So for example if you were to complete a B-rank Mission and receive 8/10 then your official score is 14/20. This means you are awarded Fourteen Mission Points. Each rank requires a minimal amount of Mission Points in order to rank up, as well as Experience Points. This is to ensure that people are truly living as a ninja and are completing various missions during their experience on Naruto Nation.

You are not limited however, to only doing missions to rank up. Certain people may do them just for fun and this is strongly encouraged due to the fact that Mission Points/Reputation Points contribute toward your expendable funds which are used for purchasing jutsu, equipment, etc.

Credits: Adam
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