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Weapon Template

on 10/14/2017, 12:20 am
Weapon Rules

1. No weapon is unbreakable, every weapon can be destroyed. Some just take a lot more hits than others, Weapons can have immunities like strong against fire,etc but not all elements, to strong. Lets be fair.

2. Make sure for the weapon description it is at least two paragraphs or more. We want to know everything about it, every detail on the weapon which includes markings,seals, gems, the color, weight, size and all.

3. Explain in detail what your weapons Abilities are;what powers does it have?. If it does not have none then leave that area blank. Stuff like immunity to ice,fire, etc. Those are considered abilities. If it can use fire, or if it can use two different natures like fire+earth making lava then put that, but make sure it is available first. A sword can only have up to as many jutsu as  your character has like genin. They have 3 D ranks and 2 c rank, get the picture?. Try to separate and list the different Jutsu your weapon has like you would with your character.

4. Make sure that you place a rank on your weapon and depending on what the weapon can do depends on it's rank. Stuff like combining elements to make stronger ones are B rank and up. Wind and lightening could possibly make storms so that would be A-S rank.

5. You can choose to either call out your swords name as a way to activating its Abilities, or just hand seals. It is your choice on this one. But it has to be one or the other. If you want to release your sword by it's name use something like "weapons name" I release you!.

6. you can't have a weapon that ranks over your rank. It would be ridiculous to have a genin with an A rank weapon. To prevent such things we have made this rule so that anyone and everyone must follow it. It would be impossible for a ninja to use a weapon over his rank.

7. Genin can't have weapons that have major abilities like samehada's abilities t absorb mass amounts of chakra. Genin must start out with a regular weapon such as a Katana and such. Chuunin may have a weapon with a minimum ability such as shooting a ball of fire, or shooting low lightening strikes to stun an opponent temporarily. Jounin and up can have strong weapons such as samehada abilities, just an example not exactly like samehada but you get the point.

Weapon Template

Name: (Name of Weapon)
Type: (katana, long sword, Scythe)
Rank: (D,C,B,A,S)
Description: (What's the apperance of your Weapon)
Abilities: (What are the specialties of this Weapon)


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