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on 10/8/2017, 1:57 pm
Thirty years have passed since the Forth Great Ninja War, said to be the most terrible in the history of the world. It left the Earth and the Five Great Nations in ruins. Tales say that the Earth burned for five years after the war had ended and the population teetered on the edge of extinction. The world became a place of a handful of small nomadic gangs that struggled to find a place to survive.

As years passed it seemed that two villages were rebuilt and started their own colonies once again. Nomads traveled to these places and the population grew bigger and bigger. The two villages were once again named after their old villages, known as Iwagakure and Sunagakure. As the villages grew there had to be a system of order formed within them. So, the two villages came to a meeting place where their elders discussed the topic. The elders talked of the older days and how The five Great Villages were run. They came to a decision to choose one person for each village to represent that village as its “Kage”. Shinobi had become little more than tall tales to the common folk, due to the tragic loss of their lives during the war, but as the need for them arose some slipped out from the shadows, they had not all been lost. After the two Kage were chosen they set up law systems in their village and then once again appointed people with skills to serve the village as ninja. A few years past and Ninja Training Academies were set up in the villages, so that the villages could keep a steady flow of ninja in them.

It was not long before the mettle of these new shinobi was tested. Groups of rouge ninja, still living as little more than nomadic bandits, saw the still stabilizing villages as little more than easy pickings. However they underestimated the villages burgeoning shinobi forces. Though they lacked experience they made up for it with a burning desire to protect their new homes, a beautiful spirit that had not been since the Great War. The rouge ninja were defeated and scattered, any means of staging a meaningful offense destroyed. Though they still exist in small groups, pestering the villages when they can, the threat seemed to be over.

However a rumor has started that might very well jeopardize the treaty and start yet another war. Not only are there whispers of another group of rogue ninja forming, this one even more powerful than the last that intends to conquer both villages and enslave their people, but tensions between the two villages have risen as expansion has begun. Old claims are simultaneously touted and ignored as the villages attempt to secure land for their expanding populations. Should the rumors of the rouge ninja faction be true this discord may be the weakness they need to destroy both villages.

Questions arise as an important time in history is reached. Can the hard-fought peace be maintained or will the villages go to war with each other once again? Should another great attack from the rouge ninja come will the villages overcome their differences and defeat them or will their self-imposed divide be the end of them both? It is during this tipping point in history that your stories will be told. Whether the world will be brought together or torn further apart is what you will decide.
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