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Chakra System

on 10/7/2017, 4:56 pm
Chakra Rules

For an Explanation of What Chakra is, read this topic: Link

1. As a Shinobi becomes older, stronger and more experienced, there chakra develops with them. This means that Higher Ranking Shinobi will have a larger supply of chakra to draw on, which will allow them to perform more Higher ranking jutsu without tiring so quickly; the amount of chakra someone of a certain rank has is officially fixed, however, things like Special Characteristics which focus on enlarging amounts of chakra can be found, and some clan traits may cause for a differ in Chakra supply. Here are the amounts given for each rank:

D Ranked Shinobi {Academy) - 40 Chakra
C Ranked Shinobi (Genin) - 80 Chakra
B Ranked Shinobi (Chunin) - 130 Chakra
A Ranked Shinobi (Jonin) - 200 Chakra
S Ranked Shinobi (Kage) - 250 Chakra

2. Jutsu all require Chakra to be used, and without jutsu of any kind, a Shinobi is unarmed. When fighting and using jutsu, the user will lose a set amount of chakra specified in the jutsu's description; to keep track of how much chakra you have left, not just for you, but for anyone reading the topic, a moderator making sure it's fair and for your opponent, you absolutely MUST post the jutsu you used in a spoiler at the bottom of your post, along with how much chakra you have remaining. Failure to do this may result in consequences similar to those of God-modding.

3. Don't overdo it. In the Naruto-verse, using too much Chakra can tire one mentally and physically to the point of fainting; if you're down to less than 10 Chakra Points, it's highly unlikely you'd still be standing. Also, even with a good portion of Chakra left, your character may begin to feel exhaustion and tiredness. Don't simply say 'Despite the fact he had nearly no Chakra left, he kept fighting,', try to keep it realistic, don't always make out your character to be 100% perfect in every way. Things like 'Masaki had been fighting for nigh on hours, and his joints moaned at every movement; he was becoming exhausted. He didn't know how much longer he could fight,' or 'Lee was absolutely fine; his extra endurance training meant that the physical strain of the battle was nothing to him,'

4. When creating a custom jutsu, make sure that it has the right chakra cost for it's rank. If you apply a custom jutsu that does not follow the boundaries of it's rank, (chakra cost too low OR too high) then it will not be approved, as it will not be following the rules. The boundaries of Chakra cost for each specific rank of jutsu are as follows:

E Ranked Jutsu - 5 Chakra points
D Ranked Jutsu - 10 Chakra points
C Ranked Jutsu - 15 Chakra points
B Ranked Jutsu - 25 Chakra points
A Ranked Jutsu - 40 Chakra points
S Ranked Jutsu - 50 Chakra points

For those jutsu that last longer than one post and require the constant manipulation of chakra, there is an additional cost associated with maintaining them. Please state in your jutsu's description the maximum duration of the jutsu, especially regarding Genjutsu.

E Rank: N/A
D Rank: 1 CP Per Post
C Rank: 2 CP Per Post
B Rank: 5 CP Per Post
A Rank: 10 CP Per Post
S Rank: 15 CP Per Post
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