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 Rules to Character Creation (Template Inside)

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PostSubject: Rules to Character Creation (Template Inside)   10/7/2017, 4:28 pm

The following are a list of rules to be followed for making a character:

- First and for most let me say, do not try to make a character over your role playing abilities. This means if you role play at a genin level then don’t make a chuunin or above character.  This is highly frowned upon. We want to look professional as possible and be doing so everyone needs to live up to there rank.  

-Always follow the template to a “T”.  It is what we go by here so follow it simple as that. In another note if you think it could be improved that is what the suggestion topic is for.

-No over powering of a character. You will receive a warning and be told to change your characters app. So, just go ahead and save yourself the trouble before hand.

-A character can have only one clan. Also, if your character has a clan don’t think it will get a tailed beast or any other benefits.  (this falls under over power a character)

-Only use clans that have been approved here at the site. If you want your character to be apart of a clan that is not then you must make the clan first and get it approved.

- Never try to create a character that would be in a closed rank.  It is closed for a reason.  No whining because you can’t get the rank you want either, if you must become genin and feel you deserve jounin prove it.  You may be granted the rank through your rp skills.  

- Also some ranks have a special jutsu system: (E-ranked)

- Starting Limits for Jutsu numbers (more can be trained, if they are approved first
Quote :
Genin: 5 jutsu  
Chuunin: 7 jutsu  
Jounin: 10 jutsu
Kage: 15 jutsu
{All Jutsu can be obtained through training. All E-Rank jutsu does not apply to the to the character limit.}
NOTE: Please do not overload your gennin with C-Rank jutsu. Same goes with chunnin with B-Rank and Jounin with A-Rank. This is not enforced but here in Naruto we like to keep things realistic. Every shinobi doesn't know every jutsu of their respective rank.

-All Special Characteristics upon creation of a character must be of C-Rank. It doesn't matter if your an academy student or a kage your starting characteristics are C-Rank.

- You may not exceed the maximum amount of Special Characteristics specified by your rank. The limits are as follows:
Quote :

D Rank Shinobi (Academy) - 0
C Rank Shinobi (Genin) - 1
B Rank Shinobi (Chûnin) - 2
A Rank Shinobi (Jônin) - 3
S Rank Shinobi (Kage) - 5

- Now, when you first create your character, you may start with a set number of Special Characteristics that do not have to be trained; they can be any rank equal to or below the rank of the Shinobi you are creating, and if they are custom, they must be in the correct template. The initial starting limits are as follows:
Quote :

D Rank Shinobi (Academy) - 0
C Rank Shinobi (Genin) - 1
B Rank Shinobi (Chûnin) - 2
A Rank Shinobi (Jônin) - 3
S Rank Shinobi (Kage) - 3

Character Template

[center][b][u][size=24]Character Template[/size][/u][/b]

[b][u][size=20]General Information[/size][/u][/b][/center]

[b]Appearance[/b]: (Please provide a picture if you can) Atleast 2 paragraphs if no pic is available
[b]Personality[/b]: Atleast 2 paragraphs

[center][b][u][size=20]Clan Information[/size][/u][/b][/center]

[b]Clan Name[/b]:
[b]Bloodline/Kekkei Genkai[/b]:
[b]Special Characteristics[/b]:
[b]Clan Jutsu[/b]:

[center][b][u][size=20]Ninja Information[/size][/u][/b][/center]

[b]Skill Specialties:[/b]
*[i]Note: All genin may only begin with 1 specialty.[/i]
[b]Elemental Affinity:[/b]
[i]*Note: All genin may only begin with 1 element.[/i]

[center][size=20][b]Special Characteristics:[/b][/size][/center]

[i]*All SC must start at C-Rank[/i]
-[i]This can be anything that is due to your character only. This is was differs you from anyone else.[/i]
-[i]Genin and chunnin may only start with 1 SC[/i]
-[i]Chunnin and Jounin may start with 2 SC[/i]
-[i]Kage may start with 3 SC[/i]

[b]Special Effects:[/b]


[b]Chakra Amount:[/b]


[b]Special Abilities:[/b]

[b][u][size=20]History/Rp Sample[/size][/u][/b]


[list][*]Birth Arc[/list]

[spoiler]*[i]Insert Birth Arc Here[/i][/spoiler]

[list][*]Academy Arc[/list]

[spoiler]*[i]Insert Academy Arc Here[i][/spoiler]

[list][*]Genin Arc[/list]

[spoiler]*[i]Insert Genin Arc Here[/i][/spoiler]

*[i]Note: Any subsequent arcs should be added relating to rank.[/i]

[b][u]RP Sample[/u][/b]:

[spoiler]*[i]Insert RP Sample here. Option for Genin[/i][/spoiler]
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Rules to Character Creation (Template Inside)
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