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 Sunsets and Mountains... [Open]

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PostSubject: Sunsets and Mountains... [Open]   9/6/2012, 4:36 pm

She honestly had no intention of actually going up the mountain just to paint a picture of the sunset, but apparently... it was the only good place to get a nice view. Or so she was told anyway. Jurei always wanted a nice flat area with grass and a lake. But Kumo didn't really have a place like that. It was all rocks, mountains, fog and occasionally water in one of the valleys. It was getting a little late in the day, though she didn't seem to particularly care. Picking her backpack up from the side of the path after her short break, she proceeded to go up the path to the lowest flattened area of the mountain range. It was steeper than she was told it would be, and quite a bit more dangerous and trecherous... but she picked the safest route for a reason. Jurei's intent was simply to get a sketch or a painting of the sunset at a slghtly high point.

Though if she didn't get there until 6 pm, she wouldn't have time to set up her tent or temporary camp. Breathing a little heavy, she made it about 200 more feet before stopping on the steadily steepening pathway. Setting her backpack down again, she removed a small satchel of water, taking a generous swig before tying it. Gazing out at what she could actually see from this area, it was still mid to late afternoon, the sun slightly visible. Shuffling her feet a bit, she gained some traction for the stepper park of the hill, slinging her backpack back on, checking to see if the tent and accesories were still in order. Taking a mental note in the back of her mind to take inventory when she got to the flat area that her uncle had mentioned, she continued on her way. She prayed that she wouldn't trip or fall over the side when she got a relatively narrow part, eyes widening in dismay. Oh come on!

Jurei mustered her remaining stupidity and proceeded shuffling along the edge, removing her backpack before hand. Wobbling a bit, she clung to the edge for dear life and shivered a little, trying not to look down. Though not her biggest relief, it was still a big one none-the-less. Another break to settle her rampid heart beat sounded like a nice idea though... Though worried and occasionally losing her already unstable footing, she mananged to make it yet another 200 feet up or so. Though on the way she did manage to twist her ankle a bit, and it smarted slightly whenever she leaned on it. Cussing slightly under her breath, she tripped, stopping her self with her palms, eye twitching a little in a flinch. "Urgh..." This climb was a bit more difficult than her uncle made it out to be. Perhaps because she wasnt as graceful as an older person, or because she was shorter... it was beyond her.

Sighing heavily and really wishing for it to end, turning the hopefully last corner of the path. Her relief was almost as obvious as the loud sigh emitting from her person. Removing her backpack for the last time until tomorrow afternoon, she moved over to the semi-flat area next to the mountain path. It was more of an indent into the rock face, like a shallow cave. She could see the back of it pretty easily, even though the angle of the sun casted shadows into it. Nodding in approval after taking a quick look around, she dropped her pack with a smile. It was a good idea to bring along sticks and various ripped up cloths and paper to get the fire started. It was easy to find loose rocks for the lining though, and she moved up and down the path past the cave and slightly below, picking up about 15 or 16 of them. Making about 3 trips to the areas and back, she finally circled them around a slightl indent in the rock carefully.

Setting up the fire was relatively simple, but she didn't know if it would get windy that night, like it often did in the mountains, but she really hoped that it wouldn't. Sparking a few lights off of the flint and steel she brought along, it finally lit up the oil covered paper underneath the wood she brought with her. Happy for the light, she commenced to unpack her backpack carefully, counting out the food items she brought, along with the tent, sleep roll, and extra fur cover. Though she seemed to have forgotten to bring any kunai, she did pack her shuriken set and a few senbon just in case. Getting up from the ground, Jurei set about setting her tent up a bit back inside the shallow cave, about 2 or 3 feet from the fire she built a few minutes ago. It might be a good idea to ration her food for tonight and the morning.

Perhaps it was best to do her painting for tomorrows sunset instead of todays. It might be a better idea, considering she was relatively sore from the 500 foot hike up a steep path. Stretching a bit and sighing, she moved to the edge of the cliff, looking out over the valley below, smiling slightly. It was a nice view from here... but it didn't have the sunset she was looking for anyway. Sighing a bit, she turned and pushed her belongings back intot the cave. Removing the small dagger she brought with her, Jurei attached it to her waist band by the clip, moving away up the path a bit more. Out of well placed curiosity, she took a path that seemed to go a bit deeper into into the mountain than the path going up. Though it didn't take long for that to leave to another indent in the mountain side. This one was a bit deeper however, and she wasn't exactly keen on finding out what was inside. Though she hadn't seen or heard anything too suspicious so far, the various caves dotting the sides of the mountain occasionally gave her the shivers.

Considering that she was in fact, a trained shinobi, Jurei didn't particularly let herself get too frightened, knowing she could fight off any animal that decided to attack her. However... considering she didn't really know any ninjutsu besides the ones she learned at home and the ones she taught herself, she was at a disadvantage against other shinobi. But, Jurei reminded herself that the mines for Kumogakure were near-by, and she didn't really need to worry about rogue ninja out in the mountains. Though she did run across a small wooded area after a certain amount of time, she managed to gather some more twigs. Not managing to find any logs, she simply gathered up the bundle of twigs and carted them back to her campsite. Though she didn't drop a few of them on her way back, she managed an arm full of the, stacking them neatly next to the fire. These would definitely come in handy when the night finally decended on the mountain range...
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Sunsets and Mountains... [Open]
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