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 Mission system(old)

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PostSubject: Mission system(old)   8/23/2012, 12:07 am

Mission Ranks

You may not create and perform a mission over your rank. This is unless you are granted to do so be a staff member.

Academy Student: E-ranked missions only [also you can not create a mission, one must be given to you by the academy instructor]

Genin: D, C-Ranked

Chuunin: D,C, B-ranked

Jounin: D,C,B, A-Ranked [in special cases S-Rank may be granted]


Sennin: D,C,B,A,S,

Kage: same as Sennin

{teams will have other exceptions to these rules, do to there is more then one ninja performing them}

Types of Missions
There are four kinds of missions.

1. Personal- This is a mission that you create and perform yourself. The member’s character will receive mission points.

2. Subordinate- This is a mission that someone else has asked you to perform, excepting this mission means you are working for that person. You also gain mission point form these missions.

3. Village Related- These are mission made by the villages Kage. They may only be carried out by members of the village the Kage is from. These mission may be to even assassinate or attack another village. It may be even that you are to kill another ninja from your village. Some of these mission will just be for a lower ranked ninja to have a mission to rp with, but some will have great affect on the village itself. You also gain mission points form these missions.

4.Team Mission- These actually fall under Subordinate and Village Related missions mission. The only thing is they are carried out by a team of ninja. Everyone in these mission will be graded as a team not alone. You will gain mission points.


Mission Points

Mission Points are a system that tell how much your character ahs done mission wise. This helps other ninja now if yours is qualified for a mission they may have upon for someone to do. This also helps in ranking up an outstanding mission record tells that you have rped to a great ordeal and may disserve a higher rank. The follow are how mission points will be granted:

1. Missions ranks have certain value: E=½ point, D=1 point, C=2 points, B=3 points, A= 4 points, S= 5 points

2. Each mission will be giving a grade, from 0-5. The grade reflects how well the mission was performed. The amount of points a mission earns is then multiplied by the grade, ex: a B-Ranked mission is worth 1 point an get gets a grade of 2, therefore 3x2=6 points rewarded for the mission. [Grades will be giving on word count, how well the rp, and the creativity]

Word and Post count
Word count is also something important. The standard word count for your rank is what you wil go by, but you must make at least 3 post of that word count, in a team mission every member must make at least 2 post. This means if you are genin post three times, each post have the word count of 150 words in them. Note: you can post way over the limit and we encourage you to do so. {if a mission does not meet the word count and post requirements then mission points can be deducted instead of gained}

Mission Card
Every member needs a mission card for there character this is where mission points will be posted for your character. You may not go on a mission until you have made a mission card. This allows others to see your mission facts.

Also always follow the mission template. This helps things run smoother and stay organized.

Mission Length
Mission time is also important. Everyone is granted two weeks to complete a mission, however this time may be extended for good reasoning. [ failure to complete a mission with in time limit will be marked as failed mission, 2 points will be deducted from the mission]
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Mission system(old)
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