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 shojen clan

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PostSubject: shojen clan   5/10/2012, 3:46 pm


Kekkei Genkai: Doujutsu: Tenshi Yume -
Unlike most doujutsu, each eye serves a different purpose. The left eye being named "Kyuui", for it's powers in protection and tranquility. The right eye being named "Sendo", for it's power in disaster and destruction. The unique doujutsu have the ocular powers of seeing chakra on levels that would almost rival the sharingan, but not too the point of the Byakugan. They can see the flow of chakra, but not so defined to where they may see chakra points (like the byakugan) or how it exactly works (Like the Sharingan). All though these eyes have the means of seeing Chakra,(only with the Sendo eye) they use soemthing called Senjuwo a charka base power simialr to that of nature chakra that they recieve from an exiler given the the children at birth from a serert Mountain Top to produce their own abilities. Most Clansmen have the ablitly to remove very skilled sensory ninja a trait given to them by the power of the dojutsu. However this is a trait they can have or they can choose not to have or moreover not go deep within to. Clan members usually have genjutsu as one of their specialties, to use the eyes at their full strength. Some may not. Similar to the Sharingan this is not a dojutsu that can be awaken by every member within the clan. Most die without ever being able to unlock this dojutsu. This is because there body did not react to the elixer or more over rejected the exlier from there body.


[b]Secret Clan Jutsu:
(Jutsu that can only be used by your clan. Cannot be copied by Sharingan or anything else. This is optional.)

Right eye (Sendo)
Left eye(Kyuui)
History:This Clan is fairly new. Recently created by a Scientist in Kirigakure who experimented with many forms of doujutsu behind closed doors. The scientist's name would be Mia Shojen. The former leader of the Science division in Kirigakure and the woman who had an ambition that would never cease. Using her medical team in the Shojen Institute of Med; countless experiments would be performed on the many doujutsu the village would get their hands on. After months of endless research and experiments, the woman would finally make a break through. A mutation forced within the eyes of a middle aged shinobi. The eyes were different than most. The eyes taking a different form than the Sharingan..Equal in power, but different powers in each. One power to spread the gift of peace throughout the land, while the other was to cause immense pain and suffering. Truly a doujutsu that would rival the strongest in the land...A small smirk would appear across the young Mia’s face. This was just the beginning.

Years would pass within the village and the boy would have started a family and a clan. The eyes would begin to spread throughout the clan members male and female. Although it was a dojutsu gifted for the clansmen themselves it began to become harder and harder for them to unlock its power. It had gotten to the point where people feared the clan itself would die out if they couldn't fine someway to forcefully be able to unlock its power. Knowing that it was once a mutation that fused into the DNA of each clan member. It had started to fall dormant. So because of this they had to figure out steps to awakening its power once again. Lucky Mia wasn't a woman to give up on something she help create. It took her sometime, actually more time then he had hope as her daughter had to replace her in her search due to her age becoming a problem for her to do her research. Her daughter had found a small lake side’s body of water near the top a mountain of the outskirts of the land of fire. She had figured out that this water itself had a special chemical property that if shallow by a normal man could kill him in matter of minutes. But if given to a member or the clan could follow in threw the said person blood stream and waking the dormant dojutsu once again. But of course it would take years before the water takes it full effect on a middle age person of the clan. So she tired something that was more risky than anything else. She had taken a new born baby and injected it with some of the water from the mountain. She was worried that the baby's blood system had not yet changed so that it would be able to apecct this water and it would ultimately kill the baby. But lucky enough for her even at birth the baby's blood system was already adapted to the bloodline of this clan. Enhancing her mother's own belief that this was truly a bloodline ability given to the child even before the baby is born. As the baby got into its child years it had unlocked the clan’s dormant dojutsu. Now knowing that the effects of the water can impact when the person will unlock the dojutsu. Each baby that is born is now injected with this water. Worried that the water will sooner or later run dry. Mia's daughter started to find out the compound components that made this water what it water and regain to reengineer the water, so they could transform basic water from anywhere into this special brand of water unique for this clan alone. It had taken her several years, but she was finally able to figure out how to do this, and passed it along to the head clansmen and elders of the clans, so when she died they will still be able to create this water needed to keep their clans dojutsu active. The clan itself was slowly starting to grow, Yet the clan dojutsu was a rare site to see, most people who have seen it have been killed, even people from the Kirigakure village hadn’t seen it, but they have heard rumor of its power. Even the current kage of the village has never witness it in person but he does have document that the dojutsu itself does exist
[b]Clan Symbol:
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Im just going to say no. There is too many "controlling people's minds." That is a BIG NO on this site.
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Denied and Archived. Sorry kid...
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shojen clan
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