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 Lightning shuriken training

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PostSubject: Lightning shuriken training   3/16/2012, 11:49 am

The young boy awoke to a glorious golden shade shining through his window slits. Sushi leaped out of his bed on to the old wooden floor boards. They creaked slightly as he stretch out his limbs. The white haired teen plodded over to his window and opened them, shielding his eyes immediately as the sun hit him. The golden glow was coming from the horizon, indicating that it was early morning. The Genin could hear birds chirping in the trees, frogs croaking down by the pond and his mother preparing the early morning food. Sushi took his time walking down the hall. He peered into his parent’s room and found his father gone. Shrugging his shoulders he continued to follow his nose. The food smelt incredible! The teen couldn’t wait to sink his teeth into it. As he wandered into the kitchen his mother greeted him was a smiling “Hello darling.” Sushi walked over to his mother and hugged her tight which made her laugh, then quickly grabbed one of the sushi rolls with one hand. As usual it had an incredible taste and he couldn’t help but close his eyes and enjoy it. After the last bite Sushi sat down to eat his steaming ramen. After thanking his mother greatly he sat down and shovelled it into his mouth. Getting up and putting the bowl in the cleaning area, he bid farewell to his mother and set off out the door. He checked his shuriken as he needed them for this jutsu he was going to develop. He rounded the corner at the end of his road and almost walked into a local villager. Apologizing while rubbing the back of his head he walked onto the academy. He slipped through the door and headed for the main office of equipment. As Sushi was nosing around he was discovered by one of the teachers. Sushi quickly asked “Do you have any sort of target on paper?” The teacher grinned and headed over to a near-by cupboard. He produced a scroll with an archery target on. Thanking the teacher, Sushi walked out and out the main gate of the village into the large forest. Finding a large tree, he set the unravelled scroll on it and took ten paces backwards, drew his shuriken, and strapped wire to them. Sushi concentrated and felt the slight weight of the wire on his fingers. With an explosive movement he hurled the shuriken wide, hoping to see the desired effect. Unfortunately, the shuriken only curled in slightly, flying past their target harmlessly. The white haired boy grunted, annoyed at his failure. Trying harder, he withdrew more shuriken from the pouch on the back of his hip and fell into a stance. Again, he uncoiled and sent the shuriken into the air. He watched, satisfied, as they looped back and embedded themselves into the back of the tree, directly, in the centre of the scroll. Taking everything off the poor tree, he started the boring walk back to the village, chuffed with himself for inventing his new jutsu.
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Lightning shuriken training
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