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 Training Ninjutsu (Invite Only)

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PostSubject: Training Ninjutsu (Invite Only)   2/7/2012, 2:39 pm

Miyachi slunk out of bed and stepped onto the mat that he had put on the ground due to it always being freezing in the morning. The coarse mat wasn’t a nice feel but it was nicer than the cold spark that always shot through him. The Uchiha teenager had made a massive decision. He was going to try and Ninjutsu. The task seemed daunting but he was sure that his determination and skill would be more than enough to see him through. After all, his Taijutsu training was surely much harder. The sweat and tears that he had put into Taijutsu was enough to help him through the learning of Ninjutsu. He packed his bag with 3 rice balls, a fire starter kit, some instant ramen and a sleeping bag. He knew it wouldn’t come to him instantly and that the youth would have to aim to perfect it. It was never going to happen but Miyachi knew that the best way to learn something was to try and try again. As he slipped into his comfortable cloths he searched for something to write with. He gathered some ink from a cupboard and, finding nothing to write with, dipped his finger in. The boy wrote a short message saying where he was and put it on his parent’s door. It was approximately 6am so Miyachi set off at a slow pace. As the sun shone through the clouds on the horizon, Miyachi stepped through the village gates and headed for the forest.

As the warm sun conquered the clouds and sat triumphant in the sky, Miyachi searched for a remote clearing where he could start his training. It was easier said than done and after 10 minutes he still couldn’t find a spot. He found a stream with a small patch of luscious, green grass and decided he would rest. He knew deep down that he was just putting the task off but his legs ached from all the tedious walking. He unslung his bag and pulled out a rice ball. Munching away in content, he failed to notice the deer that was rustling the bush behind him until it lost interest and turned to face him. The animal plodded up to his shoulder and took a bite at the food. If it wasn’t for Miyachi’s quick reflexes then his rice ball would have been snatched and eaten by the majestic beast. It scampered away quickly and Miyachi, realizing that he had scared it, broke the remainder of the ball in half and held out his hand to the deer. At first it stared at him, unsure of what to do but something must have won it over as it walked over to him and snuffled at the rice sphere. In one quick movement of its head, the ball had gone and the deer was munching happily on it. The teen, now smiling happily to himself, stroked its head between its ear and took another bite of his food.

When the deer had left Miyachi decided that it was a good time to move and thought of a good way to find a clearing. He leaped into a nearby tree and scanned his surroundings for a non-existent group of trees. Unfortunately he spotted nothing immediately and climbed slowly down, his hopes dampened slightly. Miyachi however, didn’t think of giving up and continued his search. After following a remote animal trail he came across just what he was looking for; a huge clearing. The only problem? At least 20 deer. He crouched low and thought of a good way to scare them off without hurting them. The boy dropped is bag to the floor and something fell out of one of the pockets. His lighter for the fire! He found a sturdy, dry branch and set it alight and rushed out at the deer, yelling and waving the stick around. He felt like a complete fool but it was necessary. At least no one could see him. Once the deer had run off he set down his equipment, doused the flame and prepared himself for the task ahead.
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Training Ninjutsu (Invite Only)
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