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 Training: Heart Stopper

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PostSubject: Training: Heart Stopper   2/6/2012, 3:05 pm

Miyachi sprinted through the forest, hardly noticing the birds scattering from the trees around him. He noticed a squirrel that had a dark brown coat of fur with a white patch on one of its paws. As he passed a tall ripped up tree he came across one of the shadow clones that his master was using to find him. The youth crouched behind a large bush and thought about his approach. Miyachi decided that he would try and sneak by without alerting the clone who was now facing the opposite direction. He tried to stay quiet but accidently trod on a small twig that forced the clone to swivel round to search for the source of the noise. Miyachi, instead of sprinting off as fast as he could, confronted his teacher. They dashed towards each other, both readying punches. They swung at the same time but thanks to Miyachi’s Sharigan he anticipated the attack and ducked under it, catching his teacher full in the face. Miyachi went to strike again but was blocked and put into a vicious combo. First he was punched hard in the gut, making him splutter and double over in pain. Then he was kneed in the face causing his nose to explode in agony. Then came the many punches to the ribcage. Over and over he was hit until he was kicked hard in the left of his chest. This caused him to spin and fly away. The young man must have blacked out because when he came to he was surrounded by his masters clones. All at once however, they poofed out of existence, leaving only one. The question that came next was blunt. Did the teen remember the beating that he had taken? He had thankfully had his Sharingan active and had been able to see each punch in detail and could remember it only too well. The teacher was pleased by this. “Well you’re going to learn it.” Miyachi was shocked. A move that strong would obliterate his opponents. “But it may become weaker due to your strength…” The child’s hopes were dashed but he didn’t let it keep him down. They started with a simple but effective speed drill, which Miyachi happily threw himself into. Then came the power of the punch needed to force his opponent to curl into themselves, leading on to the follow up attack, the simple knee to the face. The black haired boy found much of this easy but he couldn’t get the power behind the punches. Every time he did it he simple couldn’t attack fast enough. This led to more speed punching, this time using clones. He was finally getting the hang of it when suddenly the clone struck out at him. He instinctively dodged away and started the move he had been learning for the past hour and a half. It flowed beautifully and was finished with a brutal punch. The clone poofed into white smoke. As the misty haze cleared he noticed his master walking away and jogged after him. If he could do the move under pressure, he was told, it would be pointless training it more. He Uchiha happily agreed and started the walk home.
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Training: Heart Stopper
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