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 Training Ground: 2nd New Attack!

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PostSubject: Training Ground: 2nd New Attack!   2/1/2012, 3:53 pm

As Miyachi awoke the bird on his windowsill sang a song in a high tone. He hated the bird but found it strangely mesmerising. Its small black eyes didn’t match the bright red feathers that covered its body, or the strange blue skin. The youth rubbed his eyes and sat up while aiming a lazy kick at the bird. It fluttered away, crying out in a shrill shriek. As Miyachi stepped out of bed and looked out the window into the bright sun, he realized that he had overslept. Hastily putting on his shirt and trousers he rushed out of the house and almost knocked over his mother. He clattered to the ground and stared up at his parent who was offering him a steaming bowl of ramen. The teen leaped up quickly, taking the bowl with him, and rushed onwards barefoot. He gulped down the ramen after snatching some chop sticks from a near-by salesman who yelled at him angrily. The wind blew a gust of wind angrily into Miyachi’s face making him cover his eyes with his arm. His bare feet padded heavily on the hard ground, leaving small imprints in the dust. As he rushed round the second corner after the Academy into the training ground his teacher practically cut his head off with a well-timed lariat. Miyachi did a back flip and landed heavily on his back, gasping for arm as he clutched his throat. As quickly as Miyachi had been sent crashing to the floor he rolled up onto his feet in a crouching position as anger flared inside him. He threw himself upwards, landing a heavy punch into his master’s chin, the memories of the pain and suffering he had endured to master a single technique instantly coming back to him. As his master flew into the air Miyachi span 180 degrees and sent another high kick into his trainer’s face. He flipped over him and sent another kick into his back. As his master became winded Miyachi flew after him and grabbed him by the neck and arm in a vice like grip. As they flew towards the ground Miyachi threw his sensei into the rock solid floor. The outraged youth landed heavily on the body only to have it poof into smoke before his eyes. As he stood up he started to laugh harder and harder. The stress of all those terrible moments had finally been lifted from his shoulders. As his teacher wandered round the corner he inquired if Miyachi wanted to try and re-create some of the magic he had just done. He readily agreed and was given some pointers like not throwing the enemy into the floor as it would give them a change to escape but besides that it had been a memorable combo. As Miyachi activated his Sharingan he took a fighting stance, breathed in through his nose and out through his mouth and watch his sensei create another shadow clone. He ran forward and repeated the combo of attacks again but missed with the second kick at the face because the clone moved away. He called out, complaining and was given a simple response of "Will they stand still in a proper fight?" shrugging his shoulders Miyachi once again took up a fighting stance and sprinted forward. The punch that hit the clone in the chin was strong and sent it high into the air. The kick that followed also had the appropriate power and the clone was again launched into the air. After Miyachi had figured out the timing and power on each of the attacks he found the training much simpiler.
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Training Ground: 2nd New Attack!
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