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 Training Ground: New Attack!

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PostSubject: Training Ground: New Attack!   1/31/2012, 5:05 pm

Miyachi sat lazily on his bedroom windowsill, staring out at the sun that was illuminating the trees of the forest. On a day such as this he would have just slept but due to his training he had to leave the comfort of his bed. He had been asked to attend a season with his Taijutsu trainer that morning and he was mystified as to why. The youth slowly sat up and stepped onto the cold wooden floor. Miyachi hadn’t eaten so he walked slowly into the food cupboards and reached for the top draw. He pulled three rice balls from it and grunted disapprovingly. The teen slowly pulled on his signature cloths and munched on his food. He didn’t bother telling his parents that he was leaving as they rarely minded. The Uchiha boy slid the door of his house open and leaped over the bannister to the dusty floor and stretched while breathing in a deep breath. The young man walked to the Academy Training Ground to meet his trainer. He noticed a new shop for books and decided to come back after his training. The birds perched on the surrounding buildings sang sweetly and almost in tune with each other. As Miyachi arrived at the ground his trainer yelled at him for being two minutes late. He apologised greatly without meaning it and asked about the training. The teen’s trainer explained that they would be learning a new attack. The training dummy was sat slumped against a wooden post. This is what his teacher walked over too. He picked it up and set it into a standing position then walked few feet away. Miyachi, almost sensing something, activated his Sharigan to hopefully better grasp the attack. There was four tense silent seconds. Suddenly his trainer dashed forward and launched a kick at the dummy’s chin that launched it into the air. Miyachi then recognised the next move as Leaf Shadow Dance. The master kicked the dummy savagely in the back then grabbed its arm and sent it spiralling towards Miyachi who leaped backwards, never taking his eyes away from the scene. As the dummy flew towards the floor, Miyachi’s trainer forward flipped into a brutal heel chop straight to the dummy’s stomach. Miyachi nodded once to his master who positioned the dummy back to its original position. Miyachi readied himself and then charged forward. However, his first kick didn't have enough power and didn't take the dummy high enough. It clattered against the floor. He tryed again. Miyachi was determined to perform the move. The second time he misjudged the distance of the arm and missed. The third time however, he executed the move but it wasn't very powerful. Miyachi kept at it until he was able to perform the move as quickly as his trainer.
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Training Ground: New Attack!
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