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 minutes away from the tournament. [open to EVERYONE!!!!!]

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PostSubject: minutes away from the tournament. [open to EVERYONE!!!!!]   1/26/2012, 2:48 pm

As Riyoshi got closer to the ocean, he could smell the slight lingering scent of salt in the air. Breathing a little heavily, Riyoshi jumped down from the tree tops, and landed near the border of the sea. Continuing his jogging pace towards the water’s edge, Riyoshi spotted his way across the water to where he needed to be. Walking over to the small boat, Riyoshi raised his hand in a friendly manner.

“Excuse me sir, I have a question.” Riyoshi said aloud as he headed towards the boat.

The man that was working upon the boat stopped working, stood up right and just peeked over his shoulder. His long blonde hair blew in the wind and just barely reveled his eyes. He peered over his shoulder and with a deep voice, responded.

”What do you want, boy?” The man replied.

A small amount of fear mixed with respect came out in his speech as he replied to the man.

“Is there anyway that i could get a ride to the whirlpool country?” Riyoshi asked.

The man turned his body and looked at Riyoshi and without any facial expression, took in a shallow breath. Exhaling a long, deep breath, the man cracked his neck and clinched his fists.

”You ninja are all the same. You think that you are all better then us normal people and think that you can just order us around.” The man belted in a demanding voice.

Stopping in his tracks, Riyoshi froze and was speechless. Shaking his head, he reran what he just said in his head. Everything that he had said since the moment that he stepped foot on the beach.

“No sir, I never threw out an order or anything. I was simply asking if that maybe you were going in that direction, i could just hitch a ride with you and you could drop me off at the whirlpool country.” Riyoshi said as he bowed for forgiveness.

The man stopped and looked at Riyoshi, and with a smile, he brushed the hair from his face and laughed.

”A shinobi that apologizes. Now that is a riot.” The man said as he hunched over in laughter.

Riyoshi stood up and with a serious face, waited for the man to stop laughing. The man looked up and that Riyoshi was not amused at all by his actions, slowly dulled his laughter.

”You really expect me to take a ninja all the way to the whirlpool country, this part of the year?” The man replied as he cocked his head slightly to the left.

“Please sir, there will be money in it for you to take me there.” Riyoshi replied.

The man lit up with excitement as he turned towards his boat. Waving his hand to signal Riyoshi to hurry up, he started to push his boat off the beach and back into the ocean.

”You better hurry up if you want to get there.” The man said as he was waist high in water already.
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PostSubject: Re: minutes away from the tournament. [open to EVERYONE!!!!!]   1/31/2012, 1:56 pm

Nodding at the man's change of heart when the word money was introduced just put a smile upon Riyoshi's face. Looking back up towards the man and the boat, Riyoshi took off in a slight run. Leaping into the air, Riyoshi landed upon the boat.

"All right sir. The faster you get there, the more money there is in it for you." Riyoshi said as he smiled and peered out over the ocean.

"You got it son." The man said as he smiled and raised up an oar above his head.

Taking in deep breath, thinking about the outcome of what his actions were going to bring, the man tightened his grip.

"I wouldn't do that if i was you sir. Unless you want the wrath of the raikage on you." Riyoshi said as still looked away from the man.

The man had a very confused look upon his face as he heard what he did.

"How did you know?" The man asked with a worried tone.

"I have gifts. Now just get me to the whirlpool country. NOW!" Riyoshi yelled back.

Placing the oar down and starting up the engine, The man aimed the boat at the island and opened the throttle. As the boat soared across the mildly rough water of the ocean, Riyoshi could just see the outline of the island off in the distance.

Approaching the island, the boat started to slow down and Riyoshi picked up his gear. Getting ready to jump, Riyoshi looked back at the man, reaching into his pocket, he grabbed out a single coin. Flicking the coin at the man, the man caught it. Looking into the palm of his hand to see the single coin, he got furious with Riyoshi.

"What the hell is this!" The man yelled out.

"That is the payment you get for me not killing you back there." Riyoshi replied as he leaped from the baot and ran across the water to the shore of the island.
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PostSubject: Re: minutes away from the tournament. [open to EVERYONE!!!!!]   3/10/2012, 10:33 pm

Hancock had not long ago dropped off on dock with her crew of followers when she saw the young brunette stop just a few meters of from her own vessel. He didn't arrive as magnificently as she did as he leaped off a small wooden row boat - but no one was more magnificent than her, so it was to be expected. She scanned him further from his dark hair to his attire - in which she had caught sight of the headband he wore boldly at his forehead. A Kumogakure shinobi, she thought to herself from her throne on the ship. One of the men had come to ask her if to attack the man as all eyes on Hancock's ship was now on him, but instead with a simple shake of her head Hancock then rose from her throne and went to the exit of the ship.

"Dock here," she said to her men and proceeded to the land where her ship was situated. Her men would of course follow her orders without a second question, and she would go on with her business of interrogating the strange young man.

She wasn't sure if the young boy was aware of her presence, but she would have suspected he would... or at least should since her ship was a easy attraction. He was still facing away from her though, so with slow easy strides that emphasized her great figure she proceeded to him. Once before him she wasn't sure what she was exactly going to do, but she would at least start with why are you here. It was a formal greeting, but she was never one to respect those she saw as below her, and sadly most people in the world were. She wasn't very hostile to combat so she wouldn't attack though, but if he was to repent with lethal actions she would have her men fight for her as she prefer not to waste her strength on some stranger.

"Who gave you permission to dock here you lowly ninja. Last I check docking in a country would require direct consultation from the main dock situated just a little further from here," she said as she stood behind the boy with her tall frame towering him. She waited for his answer, and meanwhile pondered many things about the stranger.

She usually didn't go out of her way to speak to others, but instead she did so with this strange delinquent of a boy. Just before her ship had docked she was in the bath for most of her trip to the village, so she wasn't wearing her normal attire, and was instead in a small, red bathrobe. It wasn't very much, but it did it's job at covering her body from the young man. Even so, she had no problem with anyone see her body as she was blessed as the most beautiful woman alive, therefore she had nothing to be ashamed of - at least physically. Still, despite being accustom to it, if the boy was to dumbfound himself by her beauty she would have to take lethal action as she hated when her words were overlooked too much by her beauty.
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PostSubject: Re: minutes away from the tournament. [open to EVERYONE!!!!!]   

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minutes away from the tournament. [open to EVERYONE!!!!!]
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