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 Fire Dash Training

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PostSubject: Fire Dash Training   1/15/2012, 12:29 pm

Riku set out for the forest via a slightly different route to the last time he had made the trip. He took a mountain trail, surrounded by foliage and plants. He noticed a bird flying back to its nest with a worm in its mouth. He noticed a squirrel scampering up an oak tree. The Genin shut his eyes and took a long sniff of the rural environment. After doing this he continued up the hill. It was rocky and dry, perfect conditions for the jutsu he was about to practise. Once the golden haired teen reached the peak of the mountain he thought of the new sword he had been given by his father the previous morning. He had just gazed at the blade for quite possibly an hour. He loved the feeling of it strapped to his back. He loved the whole thought of it. Finding a rocky area at the peak of the cliff was easy; trying to run around was not. He performed the hand signs for the jutsu and flames sprang to his feet. The young man set off at a brisk pace around the mountain, steadily speeding up until he was at a flat out sprint. He ran through the grass, momentarily forgetting the fire at his feet. The grass, having already been dried out by the sun, burst into flame; Riku retaining his cool, simply wove the signs for the jutsu again and the flames disappeared. He allowed himself a small chuckle as he examined the slightly blackened grass. As he stood to his full height again, the teen decided to sprint back to the village. As Riku set off, he got a feeling of excitement after once again learning a jutsu.
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Fire Dash Training
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