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 Rain descending, the Raikage and his aide leave for the tournament! [Closed]

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PostSubject: Rain descending, the Raikage and his aide leave for the tournament! [Closed]   1/10/2012, 11:20 am

The journey of a letter is one that can be considered indirect, the postman's bag dispensing papers and parcels filled with news and gifts, and sometimes, bombs, depending on what kind of life you live. They will make voyages by sea for weeks or even months, they will be carted around the country or taken alone by the speed of a courier, arriving months after a hand spilled ink on the parchment, heart filled sentiments, orders or curses bountiful in each note. However, when a human travels, there's an obvious difference. With all haste, they take the most direct route. A man cannot wait months to reach his destination, yet the written words of man have no choice but to wait. And upon a man's arrival, there is not always fanfares of joy. Following in their wake, tales of death and destruction, soon to be followed by a bleak reality the evil man walks; the honest man is received with joy, and the humble man seldom travels. Yet Saitou Razuji was undecided as to what label he was under. He was not evil, for he harboured no cruelty; he would lie if he had to, so he was by no means honest, yet he didn't feel humble. Perhaps it was because of his age. Becoming Raikage at 19, he had yet to decide where his heart lay, and had the heart of ambitious innocence. He had much to learn.

A letter lay on his desk, the black ink scrawled atop it sending ideas into Saitou's brain. He had been lying back in his chair, but now, slowly, his muscles contracted, pulling him upwards so he could get a closer look, so his hands could fold around the envelope, and, trembling with anxiety, neatly open the letter. As he withdrew it, the smell of the sea became known. Fresh sea air tainted with salt literally spilled out of the now open envelope. With a characteristic smile, Saitou lifted it to his eyes, motioning for his aide to turn on his reading light before breaking into a grin. In all it's splendour, there rested the crest of the whirlpool country. Underneath the symbol lay the signatures of the countries ambassadors and leading political figures; and underneath that list, an ambassador had written:

Sandiame Raikage Razuji, Saitou.

The discussions of peace between your noble village, Kumogakure, and a village you remain hostile to, Kirigakure, have been highly encouraged for a long time, but we of the Whirlpool country wish for these peace negotiations to be furthered. We believe the best route to accomplish this is by strengthening the bond between your village. And due to this, our leader, Chiko Namikaze, has declared that a tournament will be held in honour of the two villages, in which both villages will select Shinobi to battle each other in friendly battles in our village's great arena. As Raikage of Kumogakure, we wish to formally invite you to come to our country for a few weeks of luxury and a tournament, which you yourself may be involved in; please give word to your Shinobi of this tournament, and, if you so wish, please attend. The games will take place in our home village 40 days from now. Ask for Chiko-Sama at the palace.

Yours sincerely, the entirety of the Whirlpool ambassadorial team.

Saitou could feel the joy bubbling up inside of him. By the words of his now dead brother, it was his job to restore peace to the Shinobi world, and this could be his opportunity. And besides, he always liked a competition. Is there really a better place to show off than in front of thousands of spectators? Turning to his aide, grinning, he spoke. "We're going to the Whirlpool country. Call a council of the Jônin, address them yourself; anyone they wish to recommend to go must be sent to the whirlpool country. Get word out, we need our best, for now is our chance to not only show our power, but to begin peace negotiations once more," With a smile, Saitou grabbed his jacket, opened the window and leapt from his fourth story office.

24 hours later:

The rain had come hard and fast. Saitou had no one to say his goodbyes to, what with his friends on missions and no one waiting at home; he was determined to do as his older brother had instructed, and he did not take the graces his aide advised. He would not travel by carriage to the docks, no, he would walk, old style. The weather was not enough to put off his determination. He was adamant that he would take the most direct route. There would be no detours, no obstacles, just hard fast movement; his aide was in step with him as he left the village, having known Saitou would take off, and knowing exactly where he would go. With a silent acknowledgement, they placed their feet on the beginnings of the mountains that separated Kumogakure and the sea, before running upward, not stopping, full pelt.

An hour or so later, Saitou was at his destination, and he knew there would be no time wasted here either. Why wait for a boat? He had a friend who owed him a favour, and that friend just so happened to be the skipper of a yacht; feet clunking as he crossed the wooden decking of the port, the youth smiled when the man came into sight. The man in question was a 19 year old called Sven, and he'd gotten into trouble a few months ago for taking a boat 'for a ride' without the owners permission. Saitou had seen to it that the man had been lightly fined. And with only a nod, the sailor marched toward his large boat, expertly untethering it and calling up to his first mate. The rain was still pelting, and the wind blowing. But the wind was on their side, and no delay would come. After all, he was with experienced sailors.

It took a good week to travel to his destination. Saitou wasted no time on the boat, keeping himself in good shape for any battles that would come; when he saw the golden coast of the Whirlpool country, he truly grinned. He was here. The boat pulled into harbour twenty minutes later, and with a confident leap, he felt his feet land on the ground of the whirlpool country.

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Rain descending, the Raikage and his aide leave for the tournament! [Closed]
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