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 Across the Blood Sea (Kirigakure - Whirlpool Country)

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PostSubject: Across the Blood Sea (Kirigakure - Whirlpool Country)   1/9/2012, 4:47 pm

Iesu led himself out onto the boardwalk, scuffing up the collar on his jacket and concealing his cheeks under the soft and warm fabric. The Blood Sea brought horrible temperatures to those who surfed on its surface and so the jacket proved useful. As he continued along the platform, he spotted a large wooden figure in the corner of his view as he cocked his head up to it. A distinctive sign hung over the nearby pillars reading "To Whirlpool Country" with many differently dressed shinobi packed around it. Iesu buried a single into his back pocket and retrieved a ticket with a specific yellow hue with a bar code embedded into it. A line was formed and every participant in the tournament was given directions to have their ticket and village headband present. Iesu smirked and the individuals standing at the very end and he, himself, made it to the front, sliding himself in between two fellows with no argument being made.

After the inspection, the tournament's attendants all gathered into the residential area of the ship, each being assigned to a dorm that would be shared with three other members. Iesu proceeded to said dorm, accompanied with others whose names he did not acknowledge. He made sure to arrive to the room first and stationed himself down at the most attractive looking bunk bed. By the time the others had caught up and entered the dorm, insects had made themselves comfortable in just about every area in the room. Meanwhile Iesu disregarded his roommates' whining about their hygiene during the trip and hid his face under the thin bed sheets, shuttering his eyes closed into a peaceful slumber.

Iesu awoke to the drop of the anchor and the activation of the ship's intercom. The captain spoke cheerfully, "Heee-llo riders! We have arrived at our destination, the Whirlpool Country! Good luck to you all on your matches, and I will look forward to escorting you all back in one piece." Iesu pulls himself up to his feet, adjusting the nose of his glasses as he storms out of the room and into the daylight, his insects following closely behind him. He shook off his sleep - stricken limbs and allowed the insects to inhabit him once more. He stepped off from the ship and gazed onto the Whirlpool Country, sighing as he began unbuttoning his jacket. The load of passengers that left the ship bumped fiercely into Iesu's body, quickly shoving him out of the way. But he shrugged it off and continued on to the registration area.
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Across the Blood Sea (Kirigakure - Whirlpool Country)
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