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 Aburame Custom Jutsu Training

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PostSubject: Aburame Custom Jutsu Training   12/31/2011, 4:53 pm

Iesu had sought a single volunteer, a powerful one in terms of the amount of chakra one would have, and one who would not fear the thought of handling themselves with insects. One of the village's Jonin who was worn out from his cumbersome tasks decided to participate. Now he stood here, in front of Iesu, lean and professional-looking. Looks hard to break.. But I will get there eventually. Iesu smirked, pinning his glasses up higher on the bridge of his nose and approaching the young shinobi. "Now I will need you to remain calm during, uhm.. this process, losing control would just agitate the little creatures." Iesu received a nod from this man. "Now that the precautions are dealt with, I hope you do not mind some of your gear becoming useless." Iesu stepped closer, scanning the man's response as he opened his mouth as if to speak but quickly shut it, nodding back in approval once again. Iesu gave a tilt of his head down, unstrapping one of the two satchels worn over his shoulders and opening it, allowing the insects that resided inside to exit.

The insects were cautious of the new face, acting in a swarm as they lifted themselves up into the air and buzzed atrociously at the man. Additionally, a greater amount of those same black colored bugs made leave from Iesu's articles of clothing, crawling out from his shoes, his jacket and his pants, assembling themselves with the group from the satchel. The insects flew around each other as the man watched down, frightful of his choice of accepting the mission now. Iesu, with a nod of his head, set the insects off towards the man, enveloping him near completely, leaving only his head to remain uncovered. The man would grit his teeth, staring at Iesu for guidance. "Now, now, calm down." Iesu spoke as he guided the insects telepathically as they all bit into the man's flesh and began withdrawing chakra from his body. After just a few seconds, the man would turn pale, a visibly sickening color and Iesu would call off the insects, dropping the man down to his knees. Iesu did not seem startled and it was obvious now that he knew how lethal this technique was, but one would question why he would continue on and make one suffer just to validate his theory.
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Aburame Custom Jutsu Training
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