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 Nomad's Cyclone Jutsu Training

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PostSubject: Nomad's Cyclone Jutsu Training   12/29/2011, 3:08 pm

With his newly acquired information about the Inuzuka and some of their widely known techniques, Iesu had set off to the training grounds. The grass was a peculiar feel to his feet that were above his thin soled sandals and he exhaled calmly while scanning around for a proper training 'dummy.' He glanced upon the tree and decided it to be about right for this 'Passing Fang imitation technique.' Although it wasn't completely a copy, Iesu had also based this technique off of his termite insects and how they would drill through certain objects. So to prepare himself, he withdraws a few thousand of his standard kikaichū insects. The insects naturally gather around his arms and Iesu's lips slightly curve into a devious smile. He chose to use a variant and see how it would work out. The Inuzuka clan members naturally spun themselves around, but Iesu thought if he could make his insects do that, it would work just as good. So with each set of insects on his arms, he raised them, and the insects reacted immediately, beginning to spin counter clockwise, greatly enhancing the speed over a manner of seconds. Iesu's arm felt like a vacuum and he could also feel the air blowing out in his opposite direction. Iesu galloped forward, throwing both of his arms back. This action caused the air to blow directly behind him, increasing his speed as he brought both arms back up and slammed his insect covered fists into a tree trunk. The bugs formed a drill-like object at the end of his knuckle and while continuously spinning, they managed to saw the trunk of the tree completely through before being stopped by Iesu. They were then ordered to retreat back into their pleased host's body.
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Nomad's Cyclone Jutsu Training
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