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 Kamuri Midori - The Nanabi [WiP]

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PostSubject: Kamuri Midori - The Nanabi [WiP]   12/27/2011, 10:52 am

General Information

Name: Kamuri Heizu Nasanieru Midori-Rozeru
Alias: The Acidic Tortoise of the Mist
Age: 13
Village: Kirigakure no Sato
From head to toe, Kamuri is definitely a human masterpiece. Weighing one hundred and nine pounds, and standing five foot four, Kamuri is a heart-breaker. With a dark, beautiful head of messy, dirty blonde hair, it appears as a shade of brown. When he was born, and with the first few years of his life, Kamuri had bleach blonde, close to white, hair that blended in with his scalp. As he ages, it get's darker and darker, even though, when it is cut, it seems brighter than it was before. His forehead is slightly larger than average, but only slightly. It isn't huge, or small, but it is balanced in the middle, only showing a bit under his medium lengthed hair. His nose is very tiny, but it doesn't really matter, as it is not noticeable, since it is visible, but it's the last thing people focus on when looking at him. His ears are rounded off, and fit the perfect size, making up the gap from his eyes to his mouth. On the note of his mouth, his lips are a fine shade of red, seeming like a tone of pink at times. His eyes are a deep, crystal clear pool of blue. His chin is the only thing that sticks out and makes him any less attractive, but it does not hold him back. His neck is the perfectly fit, leading to his torso.

The torso of Midori Kamuri is not what most would consider average, as it is beautifully chiseled. The complexion of his entire body is godly, perfect if you will. His shoulders are not very broad. He is not exactly thick, or fat, he actually kind of looks like a toothpick. Even though, his pectorals are rounded off into a perfectly muscular shaper. His chest doesn't stick out too much that it is noticeable, but it does just fine. His most prized muscle, is his awesome six pack abdomen. When his shirt is off, each ab is clearly visible. He is very proud of his abs, and maintains a healthy workout to keep them. His shoulder blades are kind of nasty, but that just goes to show how skinny he truly is, even though he is very quite muscular. His spine is superbly vertical, staying in perfect alignment, showing absolutely no sign of a disease. His arms are very thin, yet as a result, they are not very long. His elbows are sort of pointy, as for his average hands and fingers. His waist is small, leading down to his thin legs, which aren't that long either. His feet are a size nine, which isn't uncommon for a thirteen year old.

When it comes to Kamuri's outfit, 'complicated' is an understatement. His first layer of torso clothing consists of an upper-half shirt. The collar is folded neatly with two buttons on either side. The buttons are a pale white, while the actual collar is a dark, green shade. Framing that, is an odd, circular article which is different colors here and there, which consists of an orange, a pale yellow, and a beige. Matching that beige, the rest of the half-shirt is that same color. It is short-sleeved, and smack-dab in the middle is a diamond shaped pattern. It is pretty small, but noticeable. The diamond has a multitude of colors, lines, and dots, making it a funky looking design. Kamuri's undershirt is a dark green. The thin clothe is skintight, and along with his first layer half shirt, reveal no skin of his mid-section. In the middle of all the green, is a pale yellow, almost white square. It has a white "X" across it, with a black streak running through the middle of each segment. Actually, this square is not even apart of the shirt. It is straddled in the middle of a clear fishnet, which is hardly noticeable. It is tucked into his shorts, so the rest of the shirt is invisible. Even though, it really has a rippling, black and white pattern. His shorts are extremely loose fitting, so he keeps them at his waist with pale, yellow rope with green threads. It isn't traditional, but it acts as an obi. He also keeps his swords intertwined in the rope. His baggy shorts are a green-blue color, and has a small, circular pattern that is both blue and a yellowish-green. This pattern is spread all over his shorts. On each leg, is four, net-like pockets, starting out small from the top. This is his everyday outfit, and his most common.

Aside from his actual clothes, Kamuri wears several accessories. For example, covering his forearms, are four, close-together, green, bangle like bands. They look as if they are one, and are on either arm. Seemingly attached to those, are black, metal plated with the Tengakure symbol carved in, fingerless gloves. The only finger that is not fingerless, are the thumb, so all fingers beside the thumb are bare. From his knees to his ankles are leggings that are connected to his ninja sandals. They are black with green designs stitched in. The sandals are simply black, with dark, tanned bottoms, and green designs matching the leggings. Overall, Kamuri's appearance is very unique, and even though he is pretty skinny, he is still one of the strongest Genin in Kirigakure.
Personality: To say the least, Kamuri is thought to be an extremely conflicted, bi-polar person. This is because his personality is constantly clashing with his Bijuu's personality, causing a sort of a flipped coin effect, as it takes a lot of willpower to keep the Nanabi entirely contained, therefore whichever personality submerges for that day is totally random on Kamuri's willingness to keep his demon caged. Most people avoid him for this reason, but some have come to accept it. Kamuri himself is usually a pretty calm, cool, and nice person, but when the Nanabi slips into his conscience, he becomes a loud, rude, hostile, callous, and cold little boy who gets into trouble easily. The Nanabi doesn't really mind being caged up, unlike other Bijuu, but instead just likes to cause trouble. Breaking out entirely would take too much effort, but messing with Kamuri's emotions, thoughts, feelings, and actions, that is fun to him and keeps his trouble-making thirst quenched.

Ninja Information

Rank: Genin
Skill Specialties:
-Main: Ninjutsu
-Sub: N/A
Elemental Affinity:
-Dominant: Suiton [Water Release]
-Recessive: N/A
-Advanced: Santon [Acid Release]

Special Characteristics:

Special Effects:


Chakra Amount:


Special Abilities:

History/Rp Sample


  • Birth Arc


  • Academy Arc


  • Genin Arc


*Note: Any subsequent arcs should be added relating to rank.

RP Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Kamuri Midori - The Nanabi [WiP]   1/4/2012, 10:06 am

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Kamuri Midori - The Nanabi [WiP]
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