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Open Medical Jutsu

on 12/14/2011, 12:57 pm
Open medical Jutsu

C Rank:

[b][u]Name of Jutsu[/u][/b]: Shousen Jutsu
[b][u]Rank[/u][/b]: C - S
[b][u]Type[/u][/b]: Eijutsu
[b][u]Element[/u][/b]: N/A
[b][u]Range[/u][/b]: Contact
[b][u]Description[/u][/b]: This is the foundation of medical techniques. The user must focus their chakra into their hands, creating a spherical, green encasement around them; by applying the users hand to wounds, the chakra will begin to repair damage to tissues, muscles, bones, organs etc. If one were to heal a C Rank wound, then this jutsu would be considered C rank, if the wound were B ranked, this Jutsu would be considered B rank, and so on.
[b][u]Chakra[/u][/b]: 12 - 17 - 26 - 37

B Rank:

[b][u]Name of Jutsu[/u][/b]: Chakra no Mesu
[b][u]Rank[/u][/b]: B
[b][u]Type[/u][/b]: Eijutsu
[b][u]Element[/u][/b]: N/A
[b][u]Range[/u][/b]: N/A
[b][u]Description[/u][/b]: The user must first perform a short string of handseals, before a long scalpel made of chakra appears in their hand; this scalpel is slightly longer than the ones normally used in surgical operations, however, the chakra it is made of keeps it sharp, so it can cut through muscles, skin and tissue with the cold precision of a medical master.
[b][u]Chakra[/u][/b]: 17
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