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 Yuki Clan

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PostSubject: Yuki Clan   12/10/2011, 6:57 am

Clan Name: Yuki 雪
-Bloodline Description: -Ice Manipulation-
Members of the Yuki clan posses the trait of Ice chakra, which allows them to manipulate ice when using jutsu, and is a bloodline specific element.

Village: Yukigakure no sato - Village hidden in the snow
Clan Symbol: N/A

Clan Traits:

-Primary: Hyôton Manipulation

In order to posses the element of Ice, members of the Yuki clan all have the same two chakras, Water/Suiton and Wind/Fuuton, and Ice is counted as a third element, which is free to all Yuki to obtain. Jutsu using Ice Manipulation are quite powerful and Ice is treated as a solid element, and can be thought of in the same way as crystal; however, it is weak to Katon and Raiton, but strong toward Suiton and Fuuton.

-Secondary: Physical Appearance

Members of the Yuki clan tend to have pale skin, as most of them come from the land of snow, where little sun can be found to darken their naturally light tones. It is common to find those with silk-like hair, soft as snow, in colors with little variety; most often, members of the Yuki clan will have glossy black hair, or dull white.


Secret Clan Jutsu:

C Rank:

B Rank:

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Yuki Clan
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