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 Tokeizara Clan [Glass Release]

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PostSubject: Tokeizara Clan [Glass Release]   12/3/2011, 7:19 am

Clan Name: Tokeizara Clan
-Bloodline Description: The Tokeizara pride themselves in having mastered a unique element, which can be used in coherence with many styles. By using the katon element heating up small amounts of doton at very high temperatures they gain control over the glass element in which can be used differently by every member. Unlike some other elements, most of the jutsu do not require any glass nearby to be used. The element can be summoned in a liquidized form, or as a solid. When the glass is summoned, it is not always in a large sheet, like a window. It can be manipulated into different widths, lengths and so on, although summoning more glass requires more chakra. By making the glass more dense and putting chakra inside it, a resilient barrier can be made. It can be used offensively, with large surges of glass, flying shards or needles.

Village: Kirigakure

Clan Symbol:

Clan Traits:
Ninjutsu- The clan specializes in middle range ninjutsu, utilizing the glass element to in coherence with other jutsu to fight. Taijutsu is widely destained throughout the clan, as it prefers to use it's unique jutsu. All members posses the Suiton, Katon, and glass element.

Contact lenses:- All members of the Tokeizara clan embed themselves as a young child with vision enhanced contacts. These pieces will be molded into contact lenses, wearable by the user. They can enhance sight, but only to the point of real contacts. Despite being made of glass, they do not feel painful in the eyes as one would imagine

Glass Manipulation:- Every member is born with the abilitly to manipulate the clan's element, glass, or Hariton. There are four tutors in the clan who teach members about the art, if asked. (Rest explained further in KKG/hijutsu)

Secret Clan Jutsu:
Quote :






Quote :

Founding years: (200 years ago)
The clan was founded by Takumi Tokeizara, a seventh son. He was a master of the wind element, and through extensive research, years of travelling and many days spent exhuasting himself, he managed to awaken the glass element. His first son, Tahu, also became a ninja, and managed to utilize the glass element at the age of 7. At first, his father was shocked, but later realized that it was genetical.

First generation: (170 years ago)
With the Family recognized as a clan by Tsuki no kuni, they settled into the clan headquaters. Tahu was made head of clan, and began to develop the bloodline jutsu, expanding the secret knowledge. His younger sister, Tarin, Displayed huge amounts of power, and became the first representative. Tahu's son, Tsumi, was born not soon after.

Second generation: (125 years ago)
Tsumi was announced clan ambasador at his fathers death, whilst his cousin, Trin, became the second head of clan. With the clan expanding, Trin's sister became the first tutor, who was to teach newer members how to use the glass element.

Third genereration: (75 years ago)
This period of time was a dark one for the tokeizara. The grandchild of Tsumi, Kosen, displayed huge amount of power, and out of fear, the tutor tuaght him very little about the glass element. Catching on, Kosen tortured the man, learning all the secrets. He tried to leave Konoha, but was cornered by 4 ANBU, and 4 Tokeizara members, including his uncle, the head of clan. In a rage, he killed them all. Twelve years later, his cousin, Lorlen, killed him, before dieing from wounds he'd sustained in the fight. The title of head of clan was passed onto Lorlen's son.

Fourth generation: (40 years ago):
35 years after the tragedy, the tutor's family was blamed for the incident. They denyed it, and were forgiven. However, a Rival clan from Kusa saw an oppurtunity to stir up trouble. They brainwashed one of the members into hating the tutor and his closest relatives. He then convinced his friends to take action. Word reached Lorlen's grandson, Lojin, but it was too late. The family had been slaughtered, as well as anyone who'd witnessed it. Lojin caught the murderers, and they were sent to a court, were they were found guilty. However, Many members had gone, scared of what might've happened to them. The family went it's seperate ways.

Present day:
Little has changed. The members do not speak to each other, or even know where the others live. Lojin died five years ago from lung cancer, but his son Lorin has a small family living in Konoha, and he dreams of making the clan into what it once was.

Original Concept and details done by Winged Blade
Additions done by Mr. Sinister
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Tokeizara Clan [Glass Release]
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