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 chakra system

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PostSubject: chakra system   11/26/2011, 2:48 pm

1. Every living being has a Chakra network that runs in conjuntion with their other life sustaining systems... Chakra is formed by one of two bodily forces within living beings... the Spiritual/Soul Force, or the Physical/Body Force... these forces determine the flow of chakra within the body... just as blood flows throughout the human body, the blend of the Soul and Spiritual Forces of Chakra flow in harmony... chakra spells are the result of training in controlling and manipulating and even combining the two forces within the body...

2. Chakra within the body has a finite amount of energy that it can produce, this is called the Chakra Supply... conveniently the spells that ninjas learn are documented in village archives and classified by a universal ranking system...

E-rank : The lowest and least powerful ranking, these are spells that can be done as many times as wanted or desired yet have singular and subtle effects... the user barely uses any chakra; wounds opponents receive are miniscule, though with precision can be subtly effective over time, user feel little to no effect from using this jutsu and can use it at will ...

D-rank : The next stage of power in chakra spells, these spells are defined as spells that require between 1-3 hand signs and have no elemental affinity, they are usually self imposed spells that are used to preform stronger attacks, one nickname for the D-class jutsu sets are "table setters"... one of the defining attributes of this class is that the user can preform these techniques on command, without the use of handsigns or preparatory actions... the user releases a small amount of chakra; wounds opponents receive are minor and strategic in nature, user can use multiple times with limited effect to his chakra reserve ...

C-rank : This stage of jutsus classifies any technique that requires three or more handsigns and/or requires the user to form a chakra element... That's right the very weakest of any chakra element or chakra element combination starts at this level... But sometimes overlooked are the techniques that don't require elements but have a stored amount of chakra required for its use... Storing chakra is a basic ninja skill, and it is what defines a C-rank jutsu though mastering any of the C-rank jutsus requires more skill than simply storing chakra this is nevertheless how the rank is defined... the user releases a reserved portion of chakra; wounds opponent receives are moderate in nature and only serious if critically hit, user can perform a decent amount of times without much recourse ...

B-rank : This Jutsu class is where hidden techniques start, and after B-rank jutsus the classifications are defined by three major attributes... 1. The class of ninja that typically can learn it... 2. The effects the jutsu has on the users chakra supply... 3. The overall devestation caused to the opponent/victim and/or the surrounding environment... B-rank jutsus can be learned by anyone, though typically a genin can only learn one of these before he/she is qualified to move on to chuunin... B-ranked jutsus are the beggining of the 'Finisher Class' moves, and are typically only usable less than ten times in battle even by the strongest shinobi... Most importantly, B-rank jutsus are most known to be ultimately 'non-lethal' techniques... meaning they are either easy to dodge, or else are only life threatening in the most perfect scenario... the oponent facing a B-ranked jutsu can expect pain and a devestating loss if captured in the crossfire, but usually the oponent will walk away to tell the tale... The user releases a large conserved amount of chakra; wounds opponent receives are healable unless vital spots are hit, move is repeatable but after extended use will start to wear the user down ...

A-rank : This is known as the "Assassin Class" of jutsu, these techiques are almost all hidden... Typically they require elemental manipulation, A-ranked justus that don't require elements are exceptions and will usually be A-ranked based on their effects on the users chakra supply... These techniques are defined as jutsus that cannot be used more than five times in battle even by the strongest shinobi... but unlike teh B-ranked techniques this class is where attacks risk fatality to either the user or his opponent... typically the more times that A-ranked techniques are repeated the less effective they are, and if one tries to repeat them too many times they risk damaging their chakra system... This is why these moves are called the Assassin's Class, because they are typically used to make a clean and quick kill without calling attention to oneself... the user’s chakra will be heavily affected; wounds opponent gets may be life threatening and/or risk permanent injury, user repeats at his own risk ...

S-rank : This class of jutsu is legendary and always hidden, usually they are unique to individual shinobi and are rarely teachable to others... they are the ultimate techniques of their kind, designed to kill without question, they can devestate people, surrounding landscapes and sometimes even the user themself to utter ruin... These moves also have a unique characteristic... they are almost always "One Shot, One Kill"... typiaclly these jutsus are only usable once in a battle, and trying the move more than once is usually more harmful to the user and can even threaten the users life... S-ranked jutsus are the most serious and devestating moves in a ninja's arsenal and can't be used carelessly unless the user has a death wish... these moves are devastating to the users chakra reserve, wounds opponents get are either mortal or life threatening, cannot be repeated or maintained for extended periods of time but then they don’t really need to be ...
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chakra system
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