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 Doku Clan [Poison Release]

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PostSubject: Doku Clan [Poison Release]    11/22/2011, 6:33 am

Clan: Doku Clan
Name of Bloodline: Poison Release
Current Village: Amegakure
Clan Traits:
Medical Specialist: All members of this clan has medical knowledge far superb than others due to their all time study of the medical art. Thus having learn so much their ability to control poison chakra has increased so greatly. They also all have medical their main specialty. [Medical Specialty] They are also masters of the poison art.

Poison/Venom Resistant: Due to being born genetically with poison within their blood body over the year this clan has become immune to poison in which they have gained control.

Clan Symbol:
Description: This portion of the clan has accessed the ability to gain and take control of the Hemotoxic venom and poison. These venom/poison attack the cardiovascular system, circulatory system and muscle tissues, thus directly leading to heart failures causing fatal deaths. This venom causes the poisoning of blood and affects the blood clotting mechanism to such a grave extent. The effects of this venom can be seen as chakra harming, headaches, nausea, vomiting, etc. Genetically the 1st branch of the Doku have adapted to the venom/poison over the years of time and became proficient in using this as a tool within their clan. This ability allows them to make and create special poison and venom jutsu and potions. These jutsu and potion can be made by sweat, mucus, blood, Hair, Chakra or anything containing DNA from the Doku clan's first branch.

Clan Secret Jutsu:
Quote :




Quote :
Before the world of ninja and ninja techniques, the people that would become the Doku were persecuted against. Hated for their corrupted ways and inhuman features, the Doku were often treated as lepers and disease-bearers. They were exiled from every village they ever entered. On many occasions, militias formed to try and take out the Doku, none of which were ever completely successful. Hundreds of years passed, yet the Doku persistently survived, hiding in mountain ranges and abandoned forests, living like beasts amongst the jungles of the wild. It wasn't until the first ninja clans formed that the Doku left their hidden homes. With the seemingly supernatural becoming widely accepted, the Doku gathered together and named themselves as a ninja clan. Though very few knew actual ninja techniques at the time, they picked up on the trade quickly. While only having a general proficiency in medical techniques, their unique bloodline allowed them to defeat enemies in subtle ways, most commonly through hand-to-hand combat and prolonged exposure to their poison.

For 50 years the Doku clan thrived, when suddenly a genius amongst their ranks was born. Named Dian, the genius young man formed numerous jutsu which utilized their poison DNA cells in destructive techniques. Soon taking lead of the clan, Dian attacked several rival clans using his new styles of jutsu, decimating all he opposed. Dian's youth and inexperience betrayed him however, for the other clans in the area became afraid of the Doku's horrible ability, banding together and seeking to eliminate the clan altogether. Dian was the first one killed, followed by his entire guard and immediate family in the dead of the night. As the multiple clans teamed against them, the Doku fled to the Rice country, where they chose to stay in hiding just as they had in the past. Knowing that too large of a Doku settlement always gathered too much attention, the families of the clan split up, each moving to a different country. The largest group of the clan remained in Rice Country for many years however, until the rise of Berial.

Berial, enthralled by the power possessed by the Doku, set to inhabit the body of one before learning that their special DNA made it impossible. Upon performing a test on one of their clan, Berial learned that their cells would eat away at his essence had it ever tried to possess a Doku, thus making them useless for his own purposes. Enraged that he could not have their power, he gathered a small troop and destroyed the Rice-country part of the clan, keeping only a few youngsters for possible experimentation. These youngsters were transported to some of his various jails, where they supposedly grew up not knowing of their clan.
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Doku Clan [Poison Release]
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