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Kirigakure's History

on 11/20/2011, 7:17 am

Kirigakure No Sato

Hidden Mist Village

Gakure started out as a wander shinobi getaway and thus had no ties to the shinobi world. It was a place of peace and prosperity for a select few shinobi friends who gathered from all over the lands and partaken in small showdowns such as horn pulling stories, friendly battles, and might testing skills. With this being done the shinobi from these various countries believed that they could keep a bond among their smaller villages hoping to prevent any kinds of hostility. For those who didn't participate would still seek this place as a wonder resort located far outside from any known village.

Gakure itself is an island away from any near location to all villages. This land had a tropical theme in which listed rich soils, good weather, wildlife plants, animals, small huts, and a beautiful mountainous protecting its backside. It's a beautiful place, strangely calm and peaceful for a resort of wandering friends but this simply reflects the relaxed and thoughtful nature of its occupants. Plants were everywhere many towering above the huts and wild animals are commonly place and tolerated. Rather than walls the village is hidden from sight, difficult to find and protected by man eating plants, beast, and a mountainous range. Some of the buildings were handmade from the plants and built into great living areas and there are bridges of vines that connect the peninsula to the outside world.

Gakure was considered somewhat indifferent due to the fact that it was poor in terms of wealth but among one of the richest places in terms of natural habitat. Its people were usually kind and generous chunnin and jounin gathered from all around world. Their ties to the outside world were amongst the best as they had no problems with any other village. Though nearly all the shinobi were representatives of different countries and villages they willingly help one another out with everyday problem and even sometimes even while carrying out missions for their respective villages. By doing small things much so often the ties between this island's honor and friendship then grew stronger as slowly people begin to stay and make a living among their fellow shinobi.

Along Came Three

Years past and Gakure had become more and more popular. Every year the numbers of the island grew little by little. Events became more popular as the tall tale stories begin to die out in fame. The people had begin to put a deaf ear toward stories and want shinobi to prove their strength were as mighty as the stories. With this being every year these shinobi would haul together tournaments to prove who was there toughest competitor. These tournaments were not only fights but also they contained elimination rounds to weave out the weaker shinobi who had come just to make themselves seem more than what they were. These rounds would test a ninja's strength, speed, endurance, will, and intellect. For those who were mighty enough to pass through the first five test were the shinobi that compete in the final twelve showdown.

Every year these test were held and every year there was a winner of the mightiest but a disappointment to the people in general. Though someone would win, their victory had no praise due to the fact they lacked the strength in which they stories had told. Though this was disappointing these event were held every year as a tradition to boost moral and for the winner to have bragging rights as the "Strongest Warrior of Gakure" for an entire year.

After ten years this tournament had finally met it's expectations for it's wondering shinobi. Within these years Gakure had founded itself a small village with three clans all in which rivaled one another. The Hagane, Tetsou, and the Tokeizara clans. However with the little might these clans had the leaders were disappointed every year in which no person from their village had ever won a tournament making the island the laughing stock for over a decade. This year all three clans had applied on specially training a certain shinobi to represent their clan and their island of Gakure for this coming tournament. This year would be the year that a Gakure shinobi would be crowned as champion. The year was special however as the grouping was much more challenging. Impressive, this gathering returned five of the previous champions, three runner up, three special shinobi hailing from Gakure itself, and one unknown. All of these shinobi in which are highly calibrated and for this year Gakure was offering something new. Something that would actually label them as an official nation. This years winner would not only be crowned "Gakure's Strongest Warrior" but also crown as Gakure's first Kage.

The Tournament

The first of the Gakure shinobi to fight was Hagane, Hanzo of the medical-tai Hagane clan. Hanzo was looked upon as brute force and nothing to be wreck-en with. His muscular body fame stood as a stone giant to a harmless man. Terrifying he was but to his opponent he was just another steeping stone to become champion. His opponent name Namgati, Turiko. Turiko was the tournaments champion from the previous year. He was full of confidence entering into the match due to his previous victories despite the body frame of Hanzo. Turiko knew that his clan in which was from the Wave Country at the time was of the best in the world. They were superhuman in which they took the traits of long blond hair, blue eyes, ripping muscles, sensory, and great ability to use their chakra in various ways. That was their clans KKG however and those traits are only seen when unleashing their true powers. Turiko entered this even to prove that his clan is still among the elite shinobi of the world. Outside of his clans natural abilities Turiko preferred the Taijutsu specialty as did the Hagane. This would be a battle of the giants.

Moments before the bell rang the two squared off as Turiko attended to taunt the seemingly scared-less Hanzo. Turiko screamed at the top of his lungs boasting himself and kicking dirt as he was already champion. Other the opposite side was the calm stated Hagane who didn't so much as twitch a muscle. Hanzo was the more serious type; The kind to let his fist do all the talking. He observed his opponent as Turiko boasted and waited for his signal.

FIGHT!!!! The proctor shouted to begin the match. At about this same time bells begin to ring. BOOM!!!! A large cloud of dust filled the arena blind everyone's vision of the match. The bells were still going off but were beginning to fade as the dust did the same. Cough, cough, cough, cough. The tournament proctor coughed the dust away from his lung and opened his eyes to see what was an amazing feat. Namgati, Turiko was passed out upon the arena floor unconscious within the first 2 seconds of the match. Looks like we have ourselves a winner. Hagane, Hanzoooo!!!!! An awkward silence was given as the crowd didn't know what had happened before their very eyes. Saying nothing Hanzo turned his head and walked away into the victory hall.

With an impressive victory given by Hazno in the first match it was now Tetsou, Hinagiku turn to prove her strength. With her haven seen a few matches go underway, Hinagiku had a feeling of the competitions strength. She knew however she could take anyone any lightly and that her opponent hasn't fought so she knew nothing of his abilities. She was impressed with Hagane, Hanzo however she knew that she was build for the quick fight but instead fought on intellect. She was also the underdog being the only female competitor in the event. Many people at this point in time saw women to be weak shinobi and only should play a support role as they didn't learn as quickly as males. Hinagiku wanted to prove all men wrong by winning this tournament. Not only will she prove women are strong but she would also be the first female kage in history.

Upon entering the arena's battle zone Hinagiku was booed and ranted against. Her clan for one was possibly the most disappointing of the Gakure three in which no one from her clan has ever surpassed the first round. Her opponent was somewhat of a legend in Gakure as he was the first ever shinobi to win the tournament of "Gakure Strongest Shinobi". Yamaroshi, Edan. The man by now has grown much stronger than the years before in which he won. Hinagiku knew she had it in for her. Edan was a mature aged man with minor attitude problem. His experience however far outclassed any other shinobi in the tournament. Edan clan was a raptor hybrid in which they took the traits of long claws, sharp teeth, great vision, hearing, and hollow bone in which let them glide through the air and move faster. This clan was a dying clan that lived deep within the Naga Islands. Edan was one of the few last surviving member and wanted to revive his clan. His plan was to win the tournament, become Kage, and mate with all the beautiful women of the village to repopulate the Yamaroshi.

FIGHT!!! The proctor yelled. Edan and Hinagiku face off was under way. Edan quickly made the first move by rushing toward Hingiku claws ready rip apart anything given the opportunity. This was a foolish because a close battle is exactly was Hingiku wanted. She ready herself with a jutsu and just as the opponent was close enough she reached out to seal him. To her surprise Edan vanish like think air using a wind based jutsu only to end up behind her slashing her right arm causing her to bleed heavily. In this Hinagiku quickly twisted and grabbed his wrist with her right hand and immediately punched with the left. Before her punch could even land Edan quickly side kicked her sending Hinagiku flying backward. Hahahahaaa, Consider yourself lucky I missed the main vein. I won't miss again. Pretty girl do you think you can actually win this fight? No worries, after I become Kage I will give you all the fight you need muahahahaaaaa.

Hinagiku wasn't strong in the taijutsu department however she smiled at her opponent as he seem to think he had the advantage. Hinagiku muttered as Edan stood above her mercilessly laughing at the fact that the fight was nearly over and he was preparing for his special jutsu. This fight is already over. Edan stopped in the middle of making signs as he realized his right wrist had a sealed. How can this be? When did you manage this? Edan voice trembled in fear as he knew this fight was soon to be over. Secret Tetsou: Muscle Barrier Jutsu. Hinagiku smirked as she begin to explain the event. This jutsu I sealed upon you earlier when you attacked from behind. I purposely loured you in as I saw that was the only way to take advantage of anyone your skill level. I managed to take an attack from you in order to give one myself. Hinagiku began to get up to the point she was kneeling and started to explain again. You see I knew of your ability because you are the first ever winner of this event. I've done my research. You will forever go down in history as so, but this will be the last of you. Hinagiku started assembling handsigns once more. Secret Tetsou Body Seal!!! Hinagiku placed both her hands on the chest of Edan. With doing so Edan's body begin to slowly warp away little by little until gone. The crowd was appalled and couldn't believe what their eyes were seeing. A man just vanishing into thin air. And the winner is Hinagiku of the Tetsou clan!!! Hinagiku stood slowly to her feet as the people begin to slow clap and chant her name. The gave the audience a slight bow and hand wave and made her wait into the waiting area for her next bout.

As it may have seemed the village of Gakure was having early success as two of the three shinobi made it through the first round quite easily. The third and final member of Gakure fight was next. All the pressure was on Tokeizara, Maki a natural born genius of his clan. It was said that as Maki may be a little immature and cocky but he bagged every bit of his words with his fist. He saw no fear in his opponents and believe deeply that he was clear cut better than everyone than stands before him. His attitude usually place Maki on the hated list for men but most women loved ever sight of him. Of the three hailing from Gakure Maki was for sure the most popular. Big mouth, big head, often toyed with his opponents but was sure to kill them in the end.

Maki merged his way on to the battle field as Hinagiku was leaving. As they walked past on another Maki nodded and gave her his words of encouragement. Next time you might not be so lucky. He then grinned slightly and kept on walking as if nothing ever happened. The attending was a mixture of applause and discouragement. Maki could careless of either as he was only in the tournament to prove he was the best of the village and deserved the rights of kage. As Maki centered himself in the arena he looked across to find that his opponent was Maraku of Bird Country.

specialized in the puppetry art and his clan hailed from the Bird Country. The puppetry art wasn't very popular at the time but was a growing art. It wasn't genetically based but time consumed and if one was patient enough to learn it, it could be very well lethal. Only time would tell the fate of this match.

He release his hugely over-sized puppet from his fail backside.

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