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Summoning Rules/Template

on 11/11/2011, 3:07 pm
Summoning Rules

-Unless you are given permission for your character to be granted a contract when you create him/her, the contract must be obtained through IC rp and even then you still might not be granted it.

-You are allowed three summons in total

-Even though your contract might hold three summons, that doesn’t mean you can summon them all; your characters rank plays an important rank in this. If you are genin then you can only summon the smaller creators to your aid and only one during a fight or training exercise.
Genin: 1
Chunnin: 2
Jonin: 3
Kage: 4

-Adolescent/C-Rank: These are the baby summons. They're generally no larger than 3ft tall and have little to no application in battle when it comes to fighting with the big dogs. They have 2 techniques (no stronger than C rank), and act as little more than cheerleaders. These are the summons that you will start with. This will be the same summon of which you develop all the way through with, so spend your EXP wisely as you wont be able to restart them. In order to gain an adolescent contract, which you need to progress your summon at all, you must create a 1,000 WC thread.

-Adult/B-Rank: Adult: These summons are more developed than the babies. These can range into sizes as large as a human or a bit larger and help in battle significantly more than that of their earlier years. They have 4 techniques (including the 2 from adolescence; no higher than B rank), and are decent in combat on an average scale. To attain an adult summon after your character ranks up you must spend [X] amount of EXP or train a 1500 word thread

-Elder/A-Rank: Elder: These are the bad-asses of the summon world. They are what would be the top, if not the tippy-top, within their pack.  These can scale into the size of a bijuu, while not as powerful are just as large. They have 6 techniques (including all prior techniques), and can pack a pretty meaty punch against enemies. To acquire an elder summon you must after your character ranks up you must spend [X] amount of EXP or train a 2500 word thread.

-Through my Rp years I have noticed everybody and their mamma tried to get a summoning just to have that extra advantage in battle or on mission. Well with this being all summons come at the cost of the rank of the summoning. For every turn that the summon is active (except the original summoning post), additional chakra is deducted from the shinobi (This only applies to living creatures, i.e: Plants, animal, ect. This does not affect mokuton, plant release, ect. If you have any questions, please ask). The amount withdrawn depends on the summon rank:
D: 10 + 5 every turn
C: 15 + 5 every turn
B: 25 + 10 every turn
A: 40 + 20 every turn

-All creation summoning are created at C-Rank and will be trained like shinobi in order to move up the ranking. This training can only be done in RP weather it's a training or mission topic as long as the summoning is being used as an important role.  

-The holder of a contract may have one apprentice that he/she trains to learn the summon technique.  This must be done through IC rp and multiple training exercises.

-If the holder of a contract dies then their apprentice will be grandfathered the contract.  Once that person has mastered all the summons of the contract then they may take up an apprentice as well.

-If the holder dies and has no apprentice the contract is lost forever.


The Contract

Holder of the Contract: (your character’s name)
Summoning Species: (type of animal that are summoned)
History of How you gained Contract: (explain in good detail, how you gained the contract; if done through rp explain and provide links showing you gained it throw rp IC )

The Summons

Name of Summon: (the creators name)
Appearance: (what the summon looks like, its size is important; two paragraphs at least, providing a picture helps)
Personality: (the summons personality traits; two paragraphs at least)
Summons Rank: (the rank of the summon, also the summon’s standing, for example if it the chief of its kind)
Chakra Affiliation: (if it has any, list them)
Special Abilities: (any special abilities it has)
Jutsu List: (if the summon can use jutsu list them here, use the jutsu template)
Weapon List: (if the summon has weapons list them)


[size][center][b]The Contract[/b][/size][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][/center]

[b]Holder of the Contract:[/b]
[b]Summoning Species:[/b]
[b]History of How you gained Contract:[/b]

[center][b]The Summons[/b][/center]

[b]Name of Summon:[/b]
[b]Summons Rank:[/b]
[b]Chakra Affiliation:[/b]
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
[b]Jutsu List:[/b]
[b]Weapon List: [/b]
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