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 Summoning Rules

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Mr. Sinister


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PostSubject: Summoning Rules   11/11/2011, 3:07 pm

Summoning Rules

-Unless you are given permission for your character to be granted a contract when you create him/her, the contract must be obtained through IC rp and even then you still might not be granted it.

-You are allowed three summons in total

-Even though your contract might hold three summons, that doesn’t mean you can summon them all; your characters rank plays an important rank in this. If you are genin then you can only summon the smaller creators to your aid and only one during a fight or training exercise.

-A summons rank will be determined by the summons size, special abilities, element affiliation, jutsu, and weapons list.

-Through my Rp years I have noticed everybody and their mamma tries to get a summoning just to have that extra advantage in battle or on mission. Well with this being no character is allowed to summon unless they are of the A-Rank shinobi.

-All creation summoning are created at C-Rank and will be trained like shinobi in order to move up the ranking. This training can only be done in RP weather it's a training or mission topic as long as the summoning is being used as an important role.  

-The holder of a contract may have one apprentice that he/she trains to learn the summon technique.  This must be done through IC rp and multiple training exercises.

-If the holder of a contract dies then their apprentice will be grandfathered the contract.  Once that person has mastered all the summons of the contract then they may take up an apprentice as well.

-If the holder dies and has no apprentice the contract is lost forever.


The Contract

Holder of the Contract: (your character’s name)
Summoning Species: (type of animal that are summoned)
History of How you gained Contract: (explain in good detail, how you gained the contract; if done through rp explain and provide links showing you gained it throw rp IC )

The Summons

Name of Summon: (the creators name)
Appearance: (what the summon looks like, its size is important; two paragraphs at least, providing a picture helps)
Personality: (the summons personality traits; two paragraphs at least)
Summons Rank: (the rank of the summon, also the summon’s standing, for example if it the chief of its kind)
Chakra Affiliation: (if it has any, list them)
Special Abilities: (any special abilities it has)
Jutsu List: (if the summon can use jutsu list them here, use the jutsu template)
Weapon List: (if the summon has weapons list them)


[size][center][b]The Contract[/b][/size][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][center][/center]

[b]Holder of the Contract:[/b]
[b]Summoning Species:[/b]
[b]History of How you gained Contract:[/b]

[center][b]The Summons[/b][/center]

[b]Name of Summon:[/b]
[b]Summons Rank:[/b]
[b]Chakra Affiliation:[/b]
[b]Special Abilities:[/b]
[b]Jutsu List:[/b]
[b]Weapon List: [/b]
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Summoning Rules
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