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 Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )

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PostSubject: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/24/2010, 9:14 pm

Another day has went by and she was still alive, how? In this world of the ninja she should have been dead already. A delicate flower budding through the cracks of a bloody field of never ending piles of dead bodies. Rotting and attracting rats of all kinds looking for the same thing as the bodies that lay dead once fought for.....Power. This flower was not weak though and having been cared for and loved the flower kept it's mind and structure strong all the while fighting the everyday war of the life of a ninja. Everyday the flower put up a barrier around itself to protect it's self, but the barrier had a large hole that hardened the flower from the outside as the love that surrounded it kept it as pure as it possibly could without making it weak. This flower, continues to grow and it continues to protect itself.

Leaning against a thick tree with lush green leaves and small pink flowers speckled onto the emerald leaves, Mai Senju smiled as she turned the page in a book she was reading called " The many medical uses of herbs,flowers,and grasses." Her jade green eyes that faded into a forest green danced across the pages as she jotted down some things in a black notepad next to her. She was suppose to be training, Practising her Medical ninjutsu among many other things but the day seemed like it would be long and she decided to do any training much later on. Stopping for a second she looked up from her book, the sun was bright and the many thick white clouds played peek a boo with the sun. A strong cool wind blew and Mai"s dark chestnut brown hair coveref over her face, she cursed herself silently for not wearing her flowered head band. Moving her hair from her face she closed her book and smiled innocently to herself. Everyday she would go to her family's garden and pick fresh flowers from the garden and put it on a plain head band, the flowers stay on the band and are enhance with chakra themselves.

Standing up after a few more minuets of thoughtful day dreaming she stretched and began walking. To where she did not know, she was like that sometimes. Today she dressed casually,
black kimono with white flora pattern at the bottom of it,her feet bare because for a reason she would like to believe that her Senju blood made her feel that much more connected to the earth. But now really thinking about it she could just be weird and really like the feeling of the rough terrain of Iwa. On her right arm she donned her Iwagakure Head band, on her left hip Was a tan medical/weapon pouch.

" So wolf bane... Everything is poisonous...Well that is just wonderful...That is very useful. I must find some seeds for that flower,maybe mother knows where to get them

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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/27/2010, 1:21 pm

Kagejiro woke up early as he usually does, the nightmares from his past haunting his dreams. Rolling off of the bed he stood up and stretched. Looking back at the bed a small gleam came from under the matress. Kagejiro smiled and he flicked his finger. His famed grim puppet slid out from under the bed. He pulled a scroll of the side desk and sealed the puppet inside it, the center circle of three seals in the scroll. Kagejiro looked down at his half nude body, hating how it reminded him of certain person passed. He slid on his distinctive outfit, choosing not to wear the official jonin wear. He liked being him and not similar. Difference comforted him, to an extent. He picked up his gloves and slid them on, the metal band stopping at his wrist, the blades fully retracted. Yawning while keeping his eyes open he settled into his everyday setting. Opening his door he stepped out and onto the main street of the village, walking downtown. Today was no different then every other. Not yet anyway.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/27/2010, 5:28 pm

Mai's walking led her to downtown Iwagakure, the streets were busy and it seemed like everyone was in a rush. Stopping in the middle of the bustling street, Mai ran her fingers through her cascading waves of chesnut brown hair before walking toward a store and leaning against it's walls and opening her book reading it's contents. A small smile came onto the young beautiful Senju as she turned another page in the book, Reading made Mai happy because it gave her knowledge and was fun to her. Before making it to the downtown part of Iwagakure ,Mai had stopped a few times to lend a hand to villagers in need. An elderly couple had some trouble moving some things into there home, A small girl was being bullied by a few other children and a cat was stuck in a tree. The smile on her face widened as she thought of those she helped today it truly made her glow a healthy glow when she knew she helped those who needed it. Lifting her head up and her unique green eyes scanning the streets her eyes turned into that of a child's curiosity when they landed on a male with gloves on. Closing her book she gracefully moved through the many people in the street finally getting a better look at the male but to intrigued by him for reasons unknown even to herself to go towards him and say hello. Staying at least a few feet away as she followed the Male, her feet lightly and quietly moving closer and closer to him .clutching her book tightly she got a bit closer but tried to stay out of the man's view.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/27/2010, 5:41 pm

Kagejiro kept his slow pace, walking through the downtown along the center of the street. He had his thumbs hooked in his pockets and his head tilted slightly downwards. walking birds chirpped and children played. Shops opened for business and customers drifted in. Kagejiro`s eyes flicked to the right as he noticed a shadow come up and slowly get bigger and bigger. Someone was following him. He quiclky darted into a small alley. He watched a woman go past and he slowly followed her, silently coming up on her right. When she least expected it he spoke softly. "why is a lovely young woman such as yourself following me?" He awaited her response.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/27/2010, 8:27 pm

She walked quickly,dodging the oncoming traffic of people. Her eyes got blurred for a moment and then she realised she had lost the gloved man. A small tingle and then a wave of disappointed spread through the Senju's body. She slowed down a bit and sighed sadly, then as she gripped her book tighter she heard a voice and jumped a bit. Looking quickly at the man she blushed pink and noticed the gloves and then blushed red.
I no your mistaken...-I was only observing..I'm sorry.. How rude of me, My name is Mai Senju of the Senju clan,Chunin The blush she held quickly faded and a sweet smile appeared as she looked into the man's eyes.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/27/2010, 9:48 pm

Kagejiro looked at the young woman. "a chunin eh? well im a jonin...and no im not mistaken. as i passed that store over there you were reading that book on wolfsbane. Then i noticed your shadow was next to my feet for at least 30 yards, not wavering. thats following." Kagejiro stopped and leaned against a tree that was by a parrk they were passing. in the park small children name is Kagejiro Senju, also of the senju clan. it is nice to have met your acquaintence mai, have fun learning about such a strong poison." Kagejiro started walking away.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/28/2010, 2:38 am

Kagejiro you phail at posting ur minimum requirement as a jounin. 450 words per post from now on otherwise you will be set back to genin because that what rank your provining that u deserve.

Charming one, same to you as well. your first post was fine but everything after isn't. Honestly I kinda blame Kagejiro for not giving you much to RP with. However if you don't pick it up you as well will be demoted.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/28/2010, 9:46 am

OOC: Number one we are the only people in Iwagakure. Number twoWe both are using phones. I will not go into how fuckin hard it is to post on a fuckin blackberry. Please do not bitch at us for posting to little. When you actually have a decent amount of members then you can dig your foot in our asses about it because we would be setting a bad example. Anyhoom I will try to post better post while on the phone. But take it fuckin easy will ya there are only so many people here and we are the very few active one so... I gotta say fuck off in a respectful manner..But I still lovez ya sini haha.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/28/2010, 2:38 pm

She looked at the man as he walked away. Her eyes lowered into a glare as she followed him walking quickly in front of him." Excuse me, You never stated your name...That is extremely bad manners to not address yourself in a proper manner.Her voice was light and held a bit of annoyance as she spoke,she had never met someone so rude. In her family her mother would beat her for not addressing herself in a proper manner. The thought of her mother's punishments made her shutter deeply. Mai grew up in an respectful and slightly strict household, her mother dished out the most gruesome of punishments when Mai forgot her manners or was out of line. Mai learned quickly that her punishments were only for the best because she represented her family's name which just happened to be Senju.

Pulling herself from her thoughts she looked at the jounin and looked at him with a straight face. Mai shifted in her place waiting for his answer, a thought quickly popped in her head as she looked at the man her eyes and face turning from it's annoyed look." This man could be my sensei...But first let's see if he is capable. " Moving a strand of her hair away from her face she noticed that the sky was getting dark and she heard a rumbling in the sky. She looked up and smiled her green eyes glimmere, a splash hit her cheek and a blush came over her face she loved the rain.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   11/28/2010, 5:59 pm

Kagejiro stopped and looked at the young senju. Her long wavy hair and her slight curls bobbing as she folded her arms with a stern look. His eyes narrowed and he gave her a stern look. "Are you hard at hearing? I told you my name is kagejiro Senju, you are being disrespectful to your elder." Kagejiro looked back at the park. His family had never been as fun living and unworrying. He looked the opposite and the young senju was still staring at him. He saw a small drop of water appear on her face. Looking up the clouds were thickening and getting darker. It was going to rain, but not much. They werent large and dark enough to fornm a storm. Looking down the young senju seemed to be smiling. What was on her mind he wondered. Letting his hand descretely drop to his side to touch the scroll that held his puppets, he readied himself for any surprise. He wouldnt let her off with just a warning if she tried something.
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PostSubject: Re: Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )   

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Breaking Through The Soil. ( open to all and any )
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