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 Jikkensha, Yuketsu

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Mr. Sinister


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PostSubject: Jikkensha, Yuketsu   11/24/2010, 4:24 am

Name of Member: Mr. Sinister

Name of Character: Jikkensha, Yuketsu

Characters Rank: Kage

Number of Mission Completed:
E-Rank= (only need if you started out at Academy Student level)
D-Rank= (#of d-rank missions completed)
C-Rank= (#of c-rank completed)
B-Rank= (#of b-rank completed)
A-Rank= (#of a-rank completed)
S-Rank= (#of s-rank completed)
1-Rank= (#of 1-rank completed)

Mission Points= (# of mission points you have been granted)

Failed Mission= (# of failed mission)

Over All Card Grade= (your cards over all score, from an A-F)
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Jikkensha, Yuketsu
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