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 A better plot...

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PostSubject: A better plot...   11/23/2010, 4:15 pm

Here is a rough draft of a plot I quickly made...

It has been many years after the defeat of the evil organization known as Akatsuki, Madara got defeated, the Rinnengan is now lost for eternity, and the whole world is in peace after the war against Madara. Though the world was in peace, the Great Five Shinobi Villages started to become more advanced in their technology, their defenses were becoming stronger, and their villages population was becoming bigger. Even outside of the Great Five, the technology got more and more advanced, and everywhere, Shinobis were becoming more and more evil, and started to think only of the sake of their village. The villages stop caring about one another, everywhere their was hatred, what was thought to be stopped when the Akatsuki was defeated by Naruto.

Ginkaze... A name of an organization that was slowly becoming more and more known, an organization that was here to help the dream, Naruto's dream, for their to be peace. The only way for their to be peace, is by getting each village closer together, and they plan on doing this in a very similar way as the Akatsuki. They are planning on capturing the Tailed Beast, and reunite them to create the 10 Tailed Beast. This 10 Tailed would scare the world into alliances with each other, would convince them to care for one another again, and care for the sake of other villages. The Ginkaze already has in their possession, the Shakaku, and the Hachibi, both in the possession of two of their members. The Ginkaze is formed up by 10 people including the leader, each person has a different necklace that gives them a certain power, the leader's necklace enables him to use Jikūkan Ninjutsu, a very powerful necklace that was created by the Sage of the Six Paths, and hidden in a cave, far under the water... The Ginkaze is on the move, and the Jinchuurikis need protection... Will you help?
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Mr. Sinister


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PostSubject: Re: A better plot...   11/23/2010, 8:51 pm

Like I told you before the plot stays until we get the members for one of these type plots.

I want you to stay here Meza but I'm not begging you to. Ultimately it our choice on what your going to do.

I already had a plot in mind similar to this one so if you would be patient and wait like all the others you wish just may become true
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A better plot...
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